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Find a Job in the Pharma Industry

Option 1 – Find Advertised Vacancies

UK’s Largest Pharma Job Board

UK’s Largest Dedicated Pharma Job Board aggregates Pharmaceutical Jobs and Medical Device Manufacturing jobs from over 200 sources into one place.

You can also check out these job websites.

Job Websites

These sites all have their own jobs boards – some are aggregators for several other sites. It’s worth keeping an eye on a few until you can see which ones are displaying the jobs most suitable for you.

Option 2 – Speculative Job Applications


We recommend that you should send out at least one speculative job application for every 2 advertised positions you apply for.

Speculative Job Hunting

Read this article for more details on the below 5 steps on how to make speculative hunting applications.
Step 1 – Plot Your Commutable Area
Step 2 – Identify Companies In This Area
Step 3 – Start Making A List
Step 4 – Prioritise That List
Step 5 – Start Applying

Use the following resources to identify companies in your commutable area.

195 Websites You Need For Your Pharma Job Hunt in the UK

Save Days OFF your Job Search with this List of 195 Pharmaceutical Companies in the UK. It includes links to over 195 links to:

  • Multinational Companies
  • Indigenous Companies
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Companies Without Career Pages
  • Recruitment Companies
  • Job Websites
  • Relevant LinkedIn Groups

UK Factory Locator

Interactive Map of 260 pharmaceutical, medical device and nutritional manufacturing facilities and engineering consultancy locations.

Option 3 – Recruitment Companies

These are all UK recruitment companies or recruitment companies with offices in the UK, that specifically mention dealing with pharma jobs.

Option 4 – Contract Service Companies

Contract service companies will hire and employ you directly and then place you to work within their client pharma or med device company. These are all UK contract service companies with offices in the UK, that specifically mention dealing with pharma jobs.

Option 5 – Engineering Consultancies

These are engineering consultancies, where you can find a whole range of roles including contract and project work. You can check their websites to see if they have vacancies or follow up with them using a speculative job application.