University Accredited by TU Dublin at Level 7

Retrain Online for More Senior Roles and Higher Pay in Ireland’s BOOMING Pharma Manufacturing Industry

University Accredited

Retrain Online for More Senior Roles and Higher Pay in the Pharma Manufacturing Industry in 8 Months

Our award-winning level 7 “Certificate in eBioPharmaChem program”, expert lecturers
and dedicated career coaches have helped over 3,400 people get better
jobs in the pharma and med device industries.
  • Move from starter jobs to more senior manufacturing roles
  • Turn your knowledge into a university accredited certificate
  • Application Deadline: Wednesday 15th April

Accredited by TU Dublin at Level 7

Retrain Online for More Senior Roles & Higher Pay in Ireland’s BOOMING Pharma Manufacturing Industry in 8 Months

Academically Accredited

Retrain Online for More Senior Roles and Higher Pay in the Pharma Manufacturing Industry in 8 Months

Our award-winning level 7 “Certificate in eBioPharmaChem” program, expert lecturers and dedicated career coaches have helped over 3,400 people get better jobs in the pharma and med device manufacturing industries.
eBioPharmaChem Course GetReskilled

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€28k to €65k
Based on Irish job data

3 Module over 30 Weeks
Study Online 14 hrs/week 

Join 3102 Learners

Wednesday 15th April
Class Starts: 23rd April

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This Course is Right For You If;

  • You want to move into more senior manufacturing roles, do more interesting work and get a higher salary.

  • You want to turn your years of practical work experience into a University Certification.
  • You’re trapped in a dead-end job working crazy hours with no chance of a pay rise or a promotion.

  • Delivered Part-Time online so you can learn from home (or anywhere). Study after the kids have gone to bed.

What you’ll learn – There are three 10-week modules in this 30-week program

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologies (Weeks 1 -10) 

This module will give you a broad understanding of pharmaceutical products are made, the rules that govern manufacturing and the guidelines on how these rules are applied along with the risk management tools used.

Module 2 – Commissioning & Qualification of Equipment and Systems (Weeks 11 – 20)

This module will explain the engineering documentation such as P&IDs, piping isometrics, e.t.c used to specify and design equipment or systems in a manufacturing facility and walk you through on how to develop a 100-page validation test (IQ, OQ, PQ) protocol.

Module 3 – Chemistry for API’s (Week 21 – 30))

This module will provide you with a foundation in the general chemistry necessary and fundamental concepts involved in the chemistry of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) required for the manufacture of medicinal products.

Our learners work at industry-leading companies such as:

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Entry Requirements

ANY one off the following;

  • You have worked in a GMP manufacturing environment e.g. pharma, med device, nutritional, beverage, food or dairy manufacturing
  • You have a sound understanding of GMP rules, regulations and guidelines
  • You have successfully completed our Conversion Course into Pharma

You can still take this program even if you have no previous pharma manufacturing experience.

If  your CURRENT or PREVIOUS job is from one of these areas:

  • Manufacturing/Production
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Automation

STEP 1: You will first need to take our Conversion Course into Pharma so you can work at the SAME OR SIMILAR job within the pharma industry.

STEP 2: Then you can take this Certificate in eBioPharmachem program to move into more senior roles with a higher salary. Typical roles;

What is Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Check out this video from AstraZeneca for an overview of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

GetReskilled Success Stories

Regina McNamara


“I can Study Around Work and Family Commitments”

I’d recommend this course to anyone that wants to work in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing industry and is interested in building a successful career in this area. The online experience is working well for me as I study around work and family commitments.

The companies I applied for were very impressed. I am currently working in Boston Scientific manufacturing Balloon Catheters for Gallstone patients.


Mehmet Hascan


“Material was Delivered in an Engaging, Interesting and Supportive Way”

Having faced a career change in the middle of an economic downturn, I lost some of myself confidence and needed a major boost. The area of Biopharmaceutical operations and validation was of interest to me as it does play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry at present.

I have now been working at Johnson and Johnson Vision Care as a Validation Engineer and I look forward to putting what I have learned into practice.


Sharon Egan


“Structurally Well Planned with the Opportunity for Practical Application”

I found the course to be interesting, structurally well planned with the opportunity for practical application of the course modules through various assignments.

I have worked in the Medical device/Pharmaceutical and Food industries and found the course to be extremely relevant to all industries.

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

Edel Harkins

“I would highly recommend anyone in my situation who has been out of the industry for a period of time to do these courses. They have contributed to my new found confidence in my existing and new qualifications, my improved interview skills and my new job!”

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

Darren Deehan

“I have really enjoyed the course. The course content was very detailed and way surpassed my expectation. While the course was challenging, the online support and access was exceptional. I am really looking forward to progressing to the follow-on/specialization course, “BioValidation” when it becomes available.”

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

David Masterson

“The courses are detailed, easily accessible, great to add to your CV or to compliment other qualifications.”

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

Ewa Kalwarczyk

“This course would give you chance to continue to seek an employment and at the same time you can study to improve your chances at the job market.”

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

James Fogarty

“This was fantastic opportunity for me to gain qualification in my own time. This would otherwise have been impossible due to cost and time due to child minding.”

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

Michael Culkin

“If you are looking to retrain yourself and are willing to put in the time, I would recommend GetReskilled.”

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

Morna Dixon

“Although it is very intensive it was very interesting and opened up new work options for consideration.”

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

Trish Kineen

“It has been a great course to re-familiarise myself with the area after such a long time away. I is also brilliant that you can study in your own time & at home (so you don’t have travel & child minding costs). I found the pace of the course good and really enjoyed it.”

Price & Start Dates

Price & Start Dates

Price & Start Dates

Price & Start Dates

Why not give us a try. Others have and they’ve been impressed!

Application Deadline: Wednesday 15th April, 2020

Program Starts: 23rd April