Table of 213 Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Factories in Ireland Organised by County

By: Donagh Fitzgerald B.Prod Eng and Claire Wilson BSc. Updated: January 9th, 2024

Check out the following infographic:

  • Over 75,000 people are directly employed by Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing Companies in Ireland across 213 factories. Many thousands more are employed indirectly.

Check out the table below which lists:

  • The location of 213 factories organised by county
  • The number of employees in each factory
  • What product is manufactured there
  • The location of over 9,100 new jobs that are going to be added by 2027 broken down by county
List of 212 Pharma and Med Device Factories by County in Ireland

NOTE: It took almost 7 years of research to build this table. And we try hard to keep this information as accurate as possible. But employee numbers go up and go down. So if you know of a company we’ve missed or see data that needs correction, please contact us.

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CountyCompanyNumber of EmployeesProductNew Job Announcements
AntrimRandox1000Diagnostics - Healthcare
AntrimStryker200Medical Devices - Defibrillators
AntrimTerumo BCT240Medical Devices - Blood Banking
AntrimTeva125Pharma - Hormonal Ring Manufacturing
ArmaghAlmac Group3800Pharma - API Manufacturing & Formulation DevelopmentAdditional 500 by 2026
ArmaghNorbrook Laboratories (3 sites)1700Animal Health
CarlowMSD530VaccinesAdditional 100 by 2025
CavanAbbott - Nutritional Division250Infant Nutritional Products
CavanUnivet60Animal Health
ClareAerogen90Medical Devices - Aerosol Drug Delivery
ClareBeckman Coulter405Diagnostics - Healthcare
ClareSynecco0Medical Devices
ClareDMC Medical40Medical Devices - Safety Syringes
ClareEdwards Lifesciences165Medical Devices - Stents
Clare MeiraGTx 70BioPharma - Viral Vector & Plasmid ManufacturingAdditional 225 by 2024
ClareVitalograph170Medical Devices - Respiratory DevicesAdditional 200 by 2025
ClareZimmer Biomet420Medical Devices - Manufacturing
CorkAbbVie150Pharma - Bulk Tablet Finish FacilityAdditional 70 by 2025
CorkAlcon400Medical Devices - Contact Lenses
CorkBioMarin450BioPharma - Biologics Drug Substance Manufacturing,
Secondary Packaging and Labelling
CorkBoston Scientific1200Medical Devices - Manufacturing Additional 70 by 2024
CorkCara Partners95Pharma - API Manufacturing
CorkLilly1200Pharma & BioPharma - API Manufacturing, Biologic Manufacturing & Animal Health
CorkGE Healthcare765Medical Devices - Diagnostic ImagingAdditional 140 by 2025
CorkGilead Sciences540Pharma - Manufacturing
CorkHovione240Pharma - Contract Manufacturing
CorkJohnson & Johnson - DePuy1030Medical Devices - Orthopaedic Products
CorkJohnson & Johnson - Janssen Biologics500BioPharma - Biologics Manufacturing
CorkJohnson & Johnson - Janssen Sciences700Pharma - ManufacturingAdditional 180 by 2024
CorkLEO Pharma50BioPharma - Purification (Heparin)
CorkMerck Millipore700Speciality Membrane FacilityAdditional 370 by 2027
CorkMetabolomic Diagnostics10Diagnostics - Women’s Health
CorkMSD600BioPharma - Biologics Testing & Manufacturing
CorkPfizer (Ringaskiddy)820Pharma - API Manufacturing
CorkPMD Solutions20Medical Devices - Respiratory Devices
CorkPPL Biomechanics30Medical Devices - Wound Care
CorkPrecision Biotics25Biotics - Manufacturing
CorkRecordati50Pharma - API Manufacturing
CorkRowa Group100Pharma - Manufacturing
CorkSanmina200Medical Devices - Manufacturing
CorkSolvotrin20Therapeutics - Iron Supplements
CorkSterling Pharma Solutions350Pharma - API & Intermediates Manufacturing
CorkStryker (Anngrove)300Medical Devices - T&E products
Cork Stryker (Anngrove)230Medical Devices - Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) Additional 600 by 2025
Cork Stryker (Model Farm Road)1000Medical Devices - Neurovascular Catheters and Coils
Cork Stryker (Springhill)310Medical Devices - Cutting Accessories Blades & Burs
Cork Stryker (Tullagreen)730Medical Devices - Orthopaedic Hips
CorkTecomet140Medical Devices - Implants
CorkThermo Fisher Scientific450Pharma - API Manufacturing
CorkViatris (Little Island)230Pharma - API Manufacturing
CorkWright Medical155Medical Devices - Orthopaedics
DonegalAbbott Ireland Diabetes Care800Medical Devices - Blood Glucose MonitorsAdditional 1000 split between Kilkenny and Donegal
DonegalPhillips-Medisize275Medical Devices - Infusion & Vascular
DonegalRandox110Diagnostics - Healthcare
DownCirdan100Medical Devices - X-ray imaging cabinets & imaging cameras
DownCirdan0Medical Devices - sterile medical devices
DownEakin80Medical Devices - Ostomy & Wound Care
DublinAbbVie (Clonshaugh)400Pharma - Manufacturing
DublinAlexion400Pharma - ManufacturingAcquired by Astra Zeneca. Additional 100 by 2025
DublinAmgen670BioPharma - Biologics Manufacturing
DublinAPC260Pharma - Vaccine Manufacturing
DublinAstellas70Pharma - API Manufacturing
DublinBaxter200Pharma - Compounding Facility
DublinB. Braun50Medical Devices - Wound Care
DublinBimeda Ireland80Animal Health
DublinBiolitic Pharma0Pharma - Light-Sensitive Drug Manufacturing
DublinBristol Myers Squibb 650BioPharma - Biologics Manufacturing
DublinConnexicon Medical15Medical Devices - Wound Closure
Dublinembecta (BD Subsidiary)350Medical Device Manufacturing
DublinGrifols300Pharma - ManufacturingAdditional 200 by 2025
DublinGuerbet0Pharma - API Manufacturing
DublinHelsinn180Pharma - Manufacturing
DublinIpsen165Pharma - API Manufacturing
DublinJabil300Medical Devices - Manufacturing
DublinKypha10Diagnostics - Healthcare
DublinLEO Pharma650BioPharma - Biologics Manufacturing
DublinLynch Medical Supplies16Medical Products - Manufacturing
DublinMallinckrodt120Medical Devices - Engineering
DublinMeditec Medical0Medical Devices - Mattresses & Patient Support
DublinMSD300BioPharma - Biologics ManufacturingAdditional 100 by 2024
DublinMundipharma20Pharma - Delivery Systems
DublinNewport Pharmaceuticals0Pharma - Manufacturing
DublinNiche Generics80Pharma - Manufacturing
DublinNormax BiomedVaccinesAdditional 200 by 2026
DublinNovo NordiskBioPharma - Biologics PackagingAdditional 1100 by 2027
DublinPfizer2400BioPharma - Biologics ManufacturingAdditional 500 by 2026
DublinRiceSteele Manufacturing35Pharma - Manufacturing
DublinSiemens Healthineers450Medical Devices - Medical Imaging
DublinSK Biotek400Pharma - API Manufacturing
DublinSona Nutrition50Nutrition
DublinSublimity Therapeutics20Therapeutics
DublinSurgacoll25Medical Devices - Joint Implants
DublinSynexa30Biomarker Services
DublinTakeda200BioPharma - Stem Cell Therapy
DublinViatris300Dry Powder Inhalers
DublinViatris - Damastown320Pharma - Manufacturing - Oral Solid Doses
DublinWest650Healthcare and Medical Devices and Assemblies
DublinXeolas Pharmaceuticals0Pharma - Manufacturing
DublinZoetis75Animal Health
GalwayAerogen320Medical Devices - Aerosol Drug DeliveryAdditional 500 by 2026.
GalwayAran Biomedical270Medical Devices - Medical Implants
GalwayAtlantic Prosthetic Orthotic Services15Medical Devices - Prosthetics & Orthotics
GalwayBiomerics0Medical Devices - Contract manufacturing
GalwayBio-Medical Research65Medical Devices - Wearable NMES
GalwayBoston Scientific3800Medical Devices - Stents & CathetersAdditional 300 by 2025
GalwayFreudenberg Medical (Formerly Cambus Medical300Medical Devices - Hypotubes & Micro-ComponentsAdditional 100 by 2025
GalwayCaragh Precision160Medical Devices - Medical Components
GalwayChanelle Group740Generic Animal Pharmaceutical Products
GalwayCrannMed0Medical Devices
GalwayCreganna Medical (Now part of TE Connectivity)1300Medical Devices - Delivery & Access Devices
GalwayDCC Vital - Fannin300Microbiology Supplies
GalwayDexcomMedical DevicesAdditional 1000 by 2027
GalwayGoodman Medical100Medical Devices - Balloon Catheters
GalwayICS Medical Devices,100Medical Devices - Catheter design and manufacturingAdditional 30 by 2024
GalwayInteger360Medical Devices - Wires & CoilsAdditional 200 by 2024
GalwayInteger0Medical Devices - Minimally invasive medical device manufacturers
GalwayJohnson & Johnson - Ceronovus25Medical Devices - Stroke Therapy Devices
GalwayMarvao Medical Devices30Medical Devices - Central Venous Catheters
Galway Medtronic (Mervue)1000Medical Devices - Respiratory Monitoring
Galway Medtronic (Parkmore)1000Medical Devices - Respiratory Monitoring
GalwayMerit Medical1000Medical Devices - Guide Wires & Inflation Devices
GalwayNatus Manufacturing125Medical Devices - Manufacturing
GalwayNelipak100Pharma & Medical Devices - Packaging
GalwayNordson Medical30Medical Devices -
GalwayPhenox55Medical Devices - Neurovascular
GalwaySMT50Medical Devices - Stents
GalwaySurmodics125Medical Devices - Balloon Catheters
GalwayViatris270Medical Devices - Vial & Syringe Aseptic Filling
GalwayWhiteSwell0Medical Devices
GalwayZimmer Biomet210Medical Devices - Orthopaedic Devices
KerryAstellas - Killorgin330Pharma - Manufacturing
KerryAstellas - Tralee0Pharma - Manufacturing - Aseptic Drug 100 by 2026
KerryBallinskellig Veterinary Products0Animal Health
KerryCentral Pharma100Pharma - Packaging
KerryListal100Medical Devices - Filters
KerryTemmler62Pharma - Manufacturing
KildareMapaex350Healthcare - Manufacturing
KildarePfizer1400Pharma - Solid Dose Manufacturing
KilkennyAbbott Ireland Diabetes Care0Medical Devices - Glucose Monitoring SystemAdditional 1000 split between Kilkenny and Donegal
LeitrimFreudenberg Medical (Formerly VistaMed)625Medical Devices - Catheters
LimerickCook Medical980Medical Devices - Healthcare
LimerickCroom Precision Medical40Medical Devices - Medical Implants
LimerickEdwards Lifesciences600Medical Devices - StentsAdditional 250 by 2024
LimerickLilly0BiopharmaAdditional 300 by 2025
LimerickFiltertek100Medical Devices - Medical Equipment Valves
LimerickJohnson & Johnson Vision Care1500Medical Devices - Contact LensesAdditional 200 by 2025
LimerickRegeneron1400BioPharma - Biologics Testing & Manufacturing
LimerickShannon Microcoil40Medical Devices - Metal Medical Device Components
LimerickStryker770Medical Devices - Orthopaedic Knees & Bone Cement
LimerickTakumi Precision Engineering140Medical Devices - Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments
LimerickTeleflex300Medical Devices - Catheter & Tubing Devices
Londonderry/DerryArmstrong Medical140Medical Devices - Respiratory Cosumables
Londonderry/DerryNelipak250Pharma & Medical Devices - Packaging
LongfordAbbott Ireland Diagnostic Division600Diagnostics - Healthcare
LongfordAvery Dennison200Medical Devices - Skin & Wound Care
LongfordAvery Dennison80Medical Devices - Precision injection moulding, device assembly, and contract manufacturingAdditional 80 by 2024
LouthAlmac Group100Pharma - Packaging & Quality Control
LouthBD Medical150Medical Devices - Syringes, Insulin Pens & Lancet Blood Sampling Devices Additional 100 by 2025
LouthOvelle Pharmaceuticals50Healthcare - Manufacturing (Skincare)
LouthPCI Pharma Services70Pharma - Manufacturing
LouthWasdell300Pharma - Manufacturing
LouthWuXi Biologics440BioPharma - Biologics Testing & Manufacturing
LouthWuXi Vaccines160Vaccines
MayoAbbVie1300Pharma - Manufacturing
MayoBaxter (Castlebar)500Medical Devices - Manufacturing
Mayo Baxter (Swinford)500Medical Devices - Manufacturing
MayoBioshell45Food Supplements
MayoFort Wayne Metals80Medical Devices - Medical Wire
MayoHollister700Medical Devices - Ostomy Care, Wound Care & Continence Care
MayoMeissner Filtration Products200Medical Devices - FiltersAdditional 250 by 2026
MeathArcRoyal175Medical Devices - Surgical Procedure Trays
MeathPCI Pharma Services100Pharma - Manufacturing
MeathMSD300BioPharma - Biologics Testing & ManufacturingAdditional 140 by 2025
MonaghanNorbrook Laboratories200Animal Health
OffalyEuropharma Concepts40Healthcare Manufacturing - Dental
OffalySpectrum Plastics0Medical Devices
OffalyZoetis180Animal Health
RoscommonNovo Nordisk (Formerly Alkermes)450Pharma - Manufacturing
RoscommonAlexion100BioPharma - Biologics Manufacturing
RoscommonAthlone Laboratories125BioPharma - Antibiotics Manufacturing
RoscommonHarmac360Medical Devices & Diagnostics - Manufacturing
RoscommonJazz Pharmaceuticals50Pharma - Manufacturing
RoscommonNordson Medical165Medical Devices - Manufacturing
SligoAbbott Ireland Diagnostics Division450Diagnostics - Blood-Screening Products & Reagents
SligoAbbott Ireland Nutritional Division150Infant Nutritional Products
Sligo AbbVie (Ballytivnan)200Medical Devices - Drug Delivery
Sligo AbbVie (Manorhamilton Road)200Pharma - API Manufacturing
Sligo Arrotek0Medical DeviceAdditional 100 by 2024
SligoPhibro150Animal Health - Vaccine Manufacturing
SligoPhilips-Medisize170Medical Devices - Infusion & Vascular
SligoB. Braun50 Medical Devices - Wound Care
SligoTopChem Pharmaceuticals0Pharma - API Manufacturing
TipperaryAbbott Ireland Vascular Division1600Medical Devices - Vascular Devices
TipperaryAlbyPharma200Pharma & BioPharma - Manufacturing
TipperaryAmneal30Pharma & BioPharma - Generics & Biosimilars Manufacturing
TipperaryBoston Scientific1000Medical Devices - Pacemakers & DefibrilatorsAdditional 400 by 2026
TipperaryMSD500Pharma - API Manufacturing
TipperaryPinewood Healthcare200Pharma - Generics Manufacturing
WaterfordBausch & Lomb1650Medical Devices - Contact Lenses
WaterfordClinigen0Pharma - Specials Manufacturing
WaterfordEirGen120Pharma - Contract Manufacturing
WaterfordEurofins160Pharma & BioPharma - Laboratory Services
WaterfordHaleon (Formerly GSK)750Pharma & Healthcare - Manufacturing
WaterfordHorizon TherapeuticsBioPharma Medicines with a focus on rare diseases Additional 350 by 2025. Recently acquired by Amgen so planned expansion in doubt
WaterfordJabil150Medical Devices - Advanced Respiratory & Injectable Devices
WaterfordRepligen Corporation130BioPharma - Manufacturing
WaterfordSanofi740Pharma & BioPharma - Manufacturing
WaterfordSchivo Medical140Medical Devices - Contract Manufacturing
WaterfordTeva730Medical Devices - Respiratory Products
WaterfordWest260Pharma - Packaging
WestmeathAerie Pharmaceuticals60Pharma - Manufacturing
WestmeathAlmac Group80Pharma - Chemical Manufacturing
WestmeathAntylia Scientific0BioprocessingAdditional 60 by 2024
WestmeathKCI-Medical250Medical Devices - Advanced Wound Care
WestmeathMedtronic500Medical Devices - Airway Products
WestmeathUtah Medical50Pharma - Manufacturing
WexfordBD Medical450Medical Devices - Angioplasty CathetersAdditional 85 by 2025
0Medical Devices - Medical balloon components
900Medical Devices - Pacemaker Coils
WexfordMedentech100Medical Devices - Water Purification
WicklowAdvanced Surgical Concepts15Medical Devices - Surgical Access
WicklowServier450Pharma - Manufacturing
WicklowMerck - Sigma Aldrich100Pharma - API Manufacturing
WicklowTakeda400Pharma - Solid Oral Dosage Facility
WicklowTrinity Biotech165Diagnostics
WicklowZoetis75Animal Health

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