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Commissioning & Qualification (IQ OQ PQ) of Equipment and Systems Course

Commissioning & Qualification (IQ OQ PQ)
of Equipment

Learn how to develop test protocols for an equipment system in a GMP regulated environment.
  • Take the First Steps to a High Paying Career in Validation
  • Learn how to read and interpret P&IDs,
  • Delivered Online. No Needless travel
  • Course Starts: April 12th
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Commissioning & Qualification (IQ OQ PQ) of Equipment

Learn how to develop test protocols for an equipment system in a GMP regulated environment.
Commissioning & Qualification (IQ OQ PQ) of Equipment and Systems Course GetReskilled


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What this course will teach you:

Commissioning and qualification of equipment and systems is a critical process in making sure safe medicines are being manufactured.

Read P&IDs, Piping Isometrics & Electrical Loop Drawings

Learn how to read the engineering documentation used to specify and design equipment or systems in a manufacturing facility including P&ID’s, piping isometrics and electrical loop drawings.

Design and Prepare Validation-Testing Protocols

Design and prepare validation-testing protocols for equipment, instruments and piping systems, automation systems and building facilities.

Write an IQ OQ PQ Protocol for a Clean-in-Place System

By the end of the course you’ll be able to write an IQ, OQ, PQ Protocol to ensure that it operates as intended and meets regulatory requirements.

Qualify Equipment, Instruments and Piping Systems

Qualify equipment, instruments and piping systems, along with automated systems and building facilities.
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Programme Highlights

  • Take the First Steps to a High Paying Career in Validation
  • Learn how to read and interpret P&IDs
  • Delivered Online. No Needless travel
  • Course Starts: April 12th

This Course is Right For You If;

  • You want to learn how to read P&IDs and Isometric drawings
  • You want an advanced introduction to Installation Qualification, (IQ) Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • You are looking for a stepping stone to our follow-on specialization in Validation

This course is probably not for you, if

  • You don’t have a High School Diploma, Leaving Certificate, A Levels or equivalent

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Your Lecturer

Our Team

Dr. Joe Brady

Lecturer, Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Joe Brady is an assistant lecturer with the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), in the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Joe is a certified trainer, and highly experienced in competency based training. He designs and prepares educational modules and full academic courses ranging from MSc, MEngSc. BSc, to Certificate level, for a range of academic institution.

He is also a supervisor for MSc/MEngSc and PhD theses. Joe has over seventeen years project experience in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries in Ireland, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, France and the USA.

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Week 1 – Interpreting P&ID’s

  • Design Documents Required for the Generation of Installation and Functional Tests
  • User specification for a Reactor
  • Equipment Configuration and Process Sequence for a Reactor
  • Generation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • URS for Hot Detergent and Hot PUW Generation and Distribution Skid System
  • Equipment List
  • Instrument List
  • Inline Components List

Week 2 – System Impact Assessment & Traceability Matrix

  • Protocol Content Part 1: Objective, System Description and Scope
  • System Impact Assessment
  • cGMP Testing Principles
  • Valves
  • Piping Line List
  • Testing Traceability Matrix for Equipment Systems

Week 3 – Installation Tests & Equipment Verification

  • Protocol Content – Part 2: Responsibilities and Installation Testing
  • Minimum Elements of a Test Script
  • Good Documentation and Records Management
  • Component Level Impact Assessment – Part-1 Product Contact Components
  • Installation Test P&ID Walk-Down
  • Installation Test and Equipment Verification
  • Pumps

Week 4 – Piping Isometrics & Checksheets

  • Piping Components
  • Piping Isometrics 2D P&ID and 3D CAD Images
  • Piping Isometrics and 3D CAD
  • Piping Material Traceability
  • Piping Tests
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Instrumentation Identification
  • Installation Test Piping Verification GMP-Checklist

Week 5 – Instrument Loops & Checksheets

  • Process Control
  • P&ID Instrument Identification
  • Input Output (1/O) List
  • Process Control Hardware Panels
  • Loop Signal Verification
  • Installation Test Instrument Verification
  • Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller (PID Controller)

Week 6 – URS & Functional Testing

  • Protocol Content – Part-3 Operational/Functional Testing
  • Component Level Impact Assessment – Part-2
  • Operational Testing Primary Functions GMP Checksheet
  • Testing Traceability Matrix for Equipment System Second Pass
  • User Requirement Specifications (URS)

Week 7 – Assembling the Validation Protocol

  • Protocol Content – Part – 4: General Attachments
  • Protocol General Attachments
  • General Contents of a Validation Master Plan
  • Protocol Deviation Procedure
  • Change Control Procedure
  • Protocol Testing Template
  • Testing Traceability Matrix for Equipment System

Week 8 – Validation Protocol Final Review

  • Conclude List of Installation Tests
  • Conclude List of Functional Tests
  • Final Protocol Template Review

Complete an End of Module Assignment

Write an IQ OQ PQ protocol for a Clean-in-Place system.

Complete the Following Activities and Workshops

You will become familiar with a range of documents used in projects including piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), equipment specifications, instrument specifications, line lists, piping isometrics, 3D layouts, electrical and hardware control – panel diagrams, and wiring and loop diagrams. These design documents are used to generate IQ OQ PQ commissioning and qualification protocols.

You will also become familiar with:

  • User Requirement Specifications (URS)
  • cGMP impact-assessments
  • cGMP design reviews
  • Design Qualification (DQ) reports
  • Specification and testing traceability matrices
  • Typical testing IQ OQ PQ protocol templates

Certified by GetReskilled

You will receive an end of course certificate from GetReskilled which along with others modules can build into an academic accreditation from the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) subject to the following criteria;

  • Passing a written or oral Exam on the materials.
  • The submission of all assessments and the end of module assignment.

Show Off Your New Skills: Get a Certificate of Completion

Once the course is over, complete a written assignment to get certified in Commissioning & Qualification (IQ OQ PQ) of Equipment and Systems

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