What Types of Jobs are there in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Departments Before we consider specific roles, we should first discuss the departments typically found within a pharmaceutical manufacturing company: Production (Manufacturing) - operate the machinery and systems that actually produce the pharmaceutical product. (Approx 50% of  total staff) Validation - assess and document all equipment and processes to ensure that an action, process or system leads [...]

Scotland’s Booming Pharmaceutical Industry

Scotland's Pharma Industry at a Glance Over 5,100 people directly employed by Pharmaceutical Companies in Scotland The industry exports over £462 million worth of manufactured goods Salaries per head are around £15,000 higher than the Scottish average Global companies including GlaxoSmithKline and Merck with facilities in Scotland Now let’s take a closer look at the pharma industry [...]

Take a look inside Ireland’s Pharma plants

Due to the strict rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, you typically can’t just take a tour of the manufacturing plants. But whether you’re preparing for an interview or you’re just interested to see what the inside of a pharma manufacturing plant actually looks like, we’ve got the next best thing…