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GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices

What are good manufacturing practices (GMP)? Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – are a set of product quality regulations that have the force of law and require that manufacturers and packagers of medicines and medical devices take steps to make sure their products are safe, pure and effective. GMPs cover all aspects of production, [...]

What are GxP Software Systems? View 10 Examples

What is a GxP Software System or a GxP Computerised System? GxP is an umbrella term used to describe regulatory guidelines across the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The term ecomposes a variety of regulatory guidelines such as Good Laboratory Practice (GLPs), Good Clinical Practices (GLPs), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

The Pharma Industry on YouTube

Whether you're trying to get to grips with what working in the industry "looks" like or you're preparing for an interview, it's always valuable to hear directly from employers. YouTube is a great place to do this. Not every company has a YouTube channel but those that do, are a really valuable resource. We've [...]

How to Write a CV – Part 8: Formatting

If you’ve worked through these articles in order, you’ve seen how a CV builds section by section. We’ve thought about the content that should go in every section so that you’re doing the best job possible at selling yourself to potential employers. We’ve also talked a little about layout options for each section. This [...]

How to Write a CV – Part 7: References

As soon as you start your job hunt you’ll need to consider who you can use as references. You’ll typically need 2 people, at least one should be a previous employer (and usually you’ll need to include your last employer). Former employers are legally obligated to give basic reference details for their employees but [...]