By: Claire Wilson. Last Updated: April 2022

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Everybody thinks they know how to write a CV.

The problem is, what they typically mean is… “I wrote a CV a while back and it did me fine then, I can update that and send it out for any relevant job I see.”

There are 3 main problems with that…

  1. Times change. CV best practices change. Even if your CV was great “back in the day”, you should be checking to see how employers’ expectations of a CV have changed, and adjust accordingly.
  2. Updating a CV you currently have is likely to lead you down the wrong path. Your CV should be highly adapted to fit your current job hunt. And since it’s unlikely you’re applying for the last job you successfully got, it’s probably not going to be optimally written.
  3. And, most importantly – sending the same CV out to a stack of different employers is a horrible idea. Each CV should be carefully crafted to speak to that specific employer and their specific job advert. Anything less, and you’re severely impacting your chances of success.

Too many people think of their CV as simply a record of where they’ve been and what they’ve done.

It’s not.

Your CV is a marketing document and you are the product. It has to sell you to an employer when you’re not there to sell yourself.

It’s your first impression – so make it a good one. The best one. By selling yourself and your skills the best way possible.

  • Are you sure your CV is following up-to-date best practice?
  • Do you know how to make previous jobs in other industries sound relevant to any employer?
  • Is your CV 2 pages long? And are you sure you’re using every line of those 2 pages to maximum effect?
  • Do you know the most important section of a CV, and what an employer’s looking for there?
  • Do you know the single best way to make sure your CV is eye-catching to each and every employer, no matter what the role?

If you answered no to any of the above, or you’ve previously just been updating the same CV you’ve always used – you’re in the right place.

This multi-part ultimate guide on CV writing is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of writing your CV from scratch.

So if there’s an area you think is specifically letting you down, you can jump straight to that section by clicking the links above.

But if you’re just looking for a full rundown of current CV best practice (and that’s what we’d really recommend), head on over to part one and work through them in sequence from there.

If you follow the tips and advice across these articles, you’ll come out the other side with a great CV that gives employers exactly what they’re looking for, and the best chance at landing an interview.

About the Author

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Claire Wilson

Content Marketing and Career Coaching

Claire runs GetReskilled’s Advanced Career Coaching Programme – our specially devised job hunting course that helps our trainees take that final step into employment by leading them through the job hunting process. She is extremely enthusiastic about helping people reach their final goal of employment in their new career path.

Claire has a BSc (Hons) in Medical Biology from Edinburgh University and spent 7 years working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.