Validation/CQV Engineers

As a validation or CQV engineer coming from outside this sector, you are in an excellent position to apply for commissioning, validation or CQV roles. The majority of roles are with:

  • pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing sectors working full-time on in-house projects.
  • the numerous engineering consultancies that focus on these sectors.

There is a high demand for people with your skillset across multiple markets.

For a list of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and engineering consultancies, click here if you are in Ireland and here if you are in the United Kingdom. Read this article to see the Top 10 Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry Hubs in the USA. For other locations, do a search for engineering consultancies for the pharma of med device sector.

Apart from “Validation Engineer” or “Senior Validation Engineer”, here are some of the more common job titles we see advertised.

  • Senior Cleaning Validation Engineer
  • Senior Computer Systems Validation Engineer
  • Validation Engineer – Thermal Mapping
  • Senior Quality Validation Engineer
  • QA Validation Specialist – Cleaning Validation
  • CQV Resource Manager
  • Aseptic CQV Engineer with Biopharma CIP & Downstream Processing
  • CQV Engineer
  • Validation/Commissioning Engineer
  • Validation Specialist
  • Senior Validation Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Validation Engineer
  • Process Engineer – C&Q

You’d have the following 2 options to bolster your qualifications.

Option 1

Take our 30-week online Certificate in Validation program for more Senior Validation, CQV and C&Q Roles to turn your experience into a level 7 university qualification from Technological University Dublin, Ireland and get a more interesting job with a higher salary such as;

Option 2

Take our Computer System Validation Course and extend your role to CSV Projects. Round out your qualifications and give yourself a competitive edge in the marketplace.