15 Top LinkedIn Groups for CSV Professionals

By: Claire Wilson BSc. Last Updated: April 2022


Computer System Validation professionals are often part of a small team. Sometimes they’re the only person with CSV responsibilities within their company. This means that networking with other professionals in similar roles can be difficult, but extremely important.

LinkedIn is the “professional” social network. As such, it’s a great place to start networking.

There are several groups that might be useful to CSV professionals – we’ve compiled the 15 that we think will be of most interest.

This list is intended to guide the search for suitable networking opportunities. It’s not exhaustive and inclusion of a group in our list is in no way an endorsement of the group, its members, or its discussions.

CSV Specific LinkedIn Groups

There are a few groups with a very specific focus on CSV…

Group description – “A closely moderated group for Computerized System Validation professionals to expand our network of people and ideas.”

Group owner – Jérôme Tomaselli · Président chez CVO-EUROPE

Group size (Sept 2020) – 15,404 members

Group description – “Computer System Validation Engineers working in the Pharma field.”

Group owner – Mike Santamarco · Lead Recruiter at Pharma Search Allianz

Group size (Sept 2020) – 9,019 members

Group description – “A professional group aimed at the promotion and facilitation of effective computer systems validation.”

Group owner – Quintus Joubert · Vice President, Global Operations, Health Care Compliance & Privacy at Johnson & Johnson

Group size (Sept 2020) – 3,632 members

Group description – “A vehicle for networking and a forum to discuss topics such as: applying a risk-based approach, streamlining the validation effort, Information Systems Compliance and outsourcing, and many more related topics.”

Group owner – Henrik Olsson · Manager, Privacy Compliance EMEA at Johnson & Johnson

Group size (Sept 2020) – 1,621 members

Group description – “A group for Automation and Control engineers with experience with any DCS, PLC, SCADA & MES vendor systems and are interested in the world of process control and automation. Members will be kept up to date on new projects, general news highlights and market trends whilst also being kept in touch with the best contract opportunities around the world.

Group owner – Simon Bartington · Director at CBSbutler

Group size (Sept 2020) – 1,253 members

Group description – “Knowledge and problem resolution sharing group in the field of computer system validation.”

Group owner – Vikas Monga · DGM IT Operations – Pharma- life Sci

Group size (Sept 2020) – 542 members

Validation LinkedIn Groups

Although less specific to CSV, there might be some value in groups that focus on validation more broadly…

Group description – “The group’s purpose is to share thoughts about the profession of validation and regulatory compliance, find answers to the challenges we face, and provide an opportunity for people to network.”

Group owner – Jon Nugent · Emerging Business Solutions

Group size (Sept 2020) – 7,757 members

Group description – “Connect with professionals in your industry. Search our job postings and create discussions for the benefit of our members.”

Group owner – Robert Ciociola · Recruiting Manager and Director of New Business Development

Group size (Sept 2020) – 1,065 members

Group description – “A professional forum to discuss and debate the globalisation of pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the application to industry, with an emphasis on the interpretation and application of the FDA, EU and PIC/S GMP guidelines.”

Group owner – Trevor Schoerie · Managing Director – PharmOut

Group size (Sept 2020) – 682 members

FDA-Focused LinkedIn Groups

A small number of groups have a focus on the FDA…

Group description – “Pass your FDA INSPECTIONS! For pharmaceutical, biologics, medical device, food, cosmetics and nutraceutical companies regulated by the US FDA. Share experiences on FDA inspections, FDA Compliance, FDA GMP, FDA Warning Letters, etc.”

Group owner – Pamela Wertalik · CEO / Founder Contract Laboratory.com and Global Regulatory

Group size (Sept 2020) – 67,721 members

Group description – “An internet group where Medical Device regulatory professionals can meet, discuss, and share their experience with Medical Devices and the FDA. This site serves as a forum where Medical Device regulatory professionals can network together to further common goals. We know what it takes to get a medical device approved. We work on multiple projects – many of us from home-based offices. Use this site to ask questions, provide answers, share ideas, vent your frustrations… Welcome!”

Group owner – Lena Sattler · President, Orasi Consulting

Group size (Sept 2020) – 19,699 members

Group description – “FDA 483s and Warning Letters”

Group owner – Sunil Patel · Senior Global Technical Leader, Ecolab Life Sciences

Group size (Sept 2020) – 6,721 members

General Pharma/MedTech Industry LinkedIn Groups

While the following groups are much more general in focus, they have a huge number of members so you might still find some value in the discussions or networking opportunities…

Group description – “This is the largest group for this sector on LinkedIn… If you are actively looking for a new job or would like to develop key business relationships or just simply wish to stay in touch with the latest in the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector, then this group is for you. The group’s focus is on pharma, biotech, medical devices, life science and healthcare opportunities.”

Group owner – Paul Healy · Director, PHARMeMED

Group size (Dec 2018) – 413,309 members

Group description – “For professionals working in or supporting the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The Professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry (PPBI) LinkedIn Group offers a place to network with over 200K like-minded members, participate in discussions, and stay up to date on the latest industry news.”

Group owner – Nikul Shukla · Pharmaceutical Brand Marketer

Group size (Sept 2020) – 205,193 members

Group description – “Pharma Connections Worldwide is a global networking LinkedIn Group focused in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare markets.”

Group owner – Mark Wilbur · Senior Business Development Consultant.

Group size (Sept 2020) – 100,567 members

What About You?

Are there other groups you think should be included on our list?

Is there somewhere else you find more useful for networking with other CSV professionals?

Drop us a comment and let us know!

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