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We’ve spent over 12 years building out over 40 resources, tools and templates to help you find a job in the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing sector in Ireland.

Find a Job in the Pharma Industry

Option 1 – Find Advertised Vacancies

Map of Ireland’s counties to show where pharmaceutical jobs are

Ireland’s Largest Pharma Job Board

Save hours off your job hunt! We’ve done the hard work for you by checking over 240 companies for all their latest vacancies!

Pharma Jobs Board

You can also check out these job websites.

Job Websites

These sites all have their own jobs boards – some are aggregators for several other sites. It might be worth keeping an eye on a few until you can see which ones are displaying the jobs most suitable for you.

Option 2 – Speculative Job Applications


We recommend that you should send out at least one speculative job application for every 2 advertised positions you apply for.

Speculative Job Hunting

Read this article for more details on the below 5 steps on how to make speculative hunting applications.
Step 1 – Plot Your Commutable Area
Step 2 – Identify Companies In This Area
Step 3 – Start Making A List
Step 4 – Prioritise That List
Step 5 – Start Applying

Use the following resources to identify pharma and medical device manufacturing companies in your commutable area.

212 Pharma and Med Device Factories Sorted by County

Map of Ireland’s counties to show where pharmaceutical jobs are

Check out this table of 212 pharmaceutical and medical device factories for all Ireland.

  • The location of 212 factories organised by county
  • The number of employees in each factory
  • What product is made there
  • Location of over 8,800 New Jobs

Irish Factory Locator

Map of 200 Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Factories in Ireland

180 Websites You Need For Your Pharma Job Hunt in Ireland

Map of Ireland’s counties to show where pharmaceutical jobs are

Save Days OFF your Job Search with this List of 180 Pharmaceutical Companies in Ireland It includes links to:

  • Multinational Company career pages
  • Indigenous Company career pages
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Companies Without Career Pages
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Contract Services
  • Job Websites
  • Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Option 4 – Contract Service Companies

Contract service companies will hire and employ you directly and then place you to work within their client pharma or med device company. Here is a list of contract service companies that specifically mention dealing with pharma jobs

Option 5 – Engineering Consultancies

These are engineering consultancies, where you can find a whole range of roles including contract and project work. You can check their websites to see if they have vacancies or follow up with them using a speculative job application.

Option 6 – Using Social Media to Find a Job

quality assurance associate

Relevant LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a tool that you should definitely be utilizing in your job hunt. Here are 10 LinkedIn groups to get you started – some are just about available jobs, some are about the industry and some are about job hunting in Ireland.

Option 7 – Network with Pharma Industry Professionals

Read the following on how to network to find a job in Pharma

Your Personal Pitch
Networking for a Pharma Job
Download Template – Mapping your Network

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry – Ultimate Guides

aerial view across galway ireland
Photo of King Johns Castle in Limerick
View from the water looking across waterford ireland
Ultimate Guide to the Pharma Industry in Ireland

Begin your journey to a career in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. Check out our Ultimate Guides to finding a job in pharma.

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