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Jobs in Limerick’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

Currently, there are over 4,600 people directly employed by Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies in Limerick. Many more are employed indirectly.

Limerick consistently ranks in the top 3 counties for available Pharmaceutical and MedTech jobs in Ireland.

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Map of Ireland Showing 56,000 Pharmaceutical Medical Device Employees Broken Down By County

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Pharma & Medical Device Job Announcements in Limerick

There are also more jobs coming to Limerick…

In 2018, Edwards Lifesciences announced an investment of €80m to build a new manufacturing site in Limerick.

Expected to be operational by 2021, the site will “manufacture delivery components for its transcatheter heart valve therapies”. At the time of that announcement, it was expected that 600 new jobs would be created.

BUT in April 2019, the company announced they were doubling their investment to €120m, to create a larger plant on the same site. That doubling of investment is now expected to create 1,200 new jobs.

Here’s a video from the IDA, taken on the day of the first announcement, that outlines why Limerick was such an attractive opportunity for the company…

Top Medical Device Companies in Limerick

Cook Medical

Activities: Medical Devices – Healthcare

Employees in Limerick: 850

Cook Medical manufacture minimally invasive technology – aiming to reduce the need for open surgery.

Cook Medical began its Limerick operations in 1996 and has undergone 2 significant expansions since then.

At this site, the company focuses on the areas of urology, peripheral vascular interventions, and gastroenterology. In addition to manufacturing, the site also hosts R&D and business development teams.

Cook Medical was the winner of the Irish MedTech Company of the Year and Limerick Chamber’s Company of the Year in 2011.

Check out the video below to hear Cook’s Bill Doherty talking about why Limerick is such a great place to do business…

Johnson & Johnson – Ethicon Biosurgery

Activities: Combination Products – Surgical Sealant

Employees in Limerick: 300

J&J is the 2nd biggest MedTech company in the world (based on 2019 revenue).

Ethicon is one of the J&J family of companies, and manufactures surgical equipment.

The company announced an initial €80m investment in the Limerick site in April 2014. The plant manufactures Everest Sealant Matrix, a product used to stop bleeding during surgery.

Johnson & Johnson – Vision Care

Activities: Medical Devices – Contact Lenses

Employees in Limerick: 1000

J&J is the 2nd biggest MedTech company in the world (based on 2019 revenue).

J&J Vision Care (previously Vistakon) has had a manufacturing site in Limerick since 1996.

The site operates a largely automated 24/7 production process to produce Acuvue brand contact lenses. There are currently 36 production lines within the Limerick site.

In 2015, the company invested €100m to expand the site.

In April 2019, it announced it was extending the site again with another €100m investment. This most recent investment is expected to add 100 new permanent manufacturing jobs.

Watch the video below to see inside the J&J Vision Care plant and hear about the types of staff they employ…


Activities: Medical Devices – Surgical Implants

Employees in Limerick: 680

Stryker is the 10th biggest MedTech company in the world (based on 2019 revenue).

The Limerick site is one of 5 Stryker facilities across Ireland – 4 manufacturing sites and their R&D innovation centre.

Check out the video below for a closer look at Stryker in Ireland…


Activities: Medical Devices – Catheter and Tubing Devices

Employees in Limerick: 160

Teleflex manufactures single use medical devices used primarily in critical care and surgery.

The company has had a presence in Limerick since 1983 and this site specialises in extrusion and medical devices.

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Limerick


Activities: Biopharma manufacturing

Employees in Limerick: 1000

Regeneron’s Limerick site claims to be “Ireland’s largest bioprocessing campus”. Launched in 2014, the Industrial Operations and Product Supply (IOPS) facility is a 37,000 square metre production facility.

The company has already invested in the site twice since then – first in 2015 and then again in 2017. This brought total investment in the site to $750m.

Most recently, in January 2019, Regeneron announced a planned $228m expansion of the site. The planning documents state that the new block could hold as many as 400-600 personnel, once complete.

Wyeth Nutritional (Nestle)

Activities: Infant Nutrition

Employees in Limerick: 600

In 2012, Wyeth Nutrition became part of Nestle.

The company’s Limerick site produces a wide range of infant and maternal nutritional products (both powdered and liquid). Total production exceeds 40,000 tonnes per year, much of which is exported to countries outside the EU.

In January 2019, Nestle opened its first Irish R&D centre after a €27m investment within the Limerick site. The work done here will continue to focus on infant nutritional products, employing a further 40 people.

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