By: Claire Wilson BSc. Last Updated: March 2024

Far too many mature students put off their education thinking they need to quit their job to be able to get a degree.

For many, that’s simply not an option.

When we developed our BSc (Hons) degree programme specifically for mature students, one of the key features we wanted to include was the ability of our students to keep working while they study.

“I thought I would never be able to take any university accredited program considering I have kids and a full-time job. With GetReskilled, it is actually possible.”

– Dulce Mar Giner, GetReskilled alumni

Here are 6 reasons we believe you shouldn’t have to give up your job to enrol on a degree programme:

Your ongoing financial commitments

Mature students typically have significantly more financial responsibilities than 18/19 year old freshers.

Whether it’s families, homes, household bills… those things still need financing while you study. If you have to give up your job, you’ll have to find the money for all those costs as well as your course fees.

Time out can hinder your career prospects

How many times have you seen a job advert ask for “5 years experience in x” or “3 years experience in y”?

Taking 3 or 4 years away from your career to get a degree can delay the time it takes for you to be eligible for your next promotion.

That’s lost time, but it’s also lost annual salary increases.

Your network becomes out of date

3-4 years is a long time in a workplace or industry.

There can be significant turnover of staff – familiar faces leave, new faces appear… it’s more than enough time for your network of contacts to become rather out of date.

Your skills become out of date

Similar to the point about your network, your skills can also significantly degrade over the time it takes to get a degree if you leave your job.

Technology changes and industry standards can shift – it’s not long before your skills are out of date.

Your quality of life

Motivation for any course can become tough if it feels like it’s taking away things you enjoy in your life.

If you have to quit your job, you’re probably going to have less disposable income to do all the things that really bring you little slices of happiness throughout your week.

You don’t have to!

Perhaps most importantly, you shouldn’t give up your job… because you don’t have to!

Our BSc (Hons) degree in Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Manufacturing is structured to allow you to keep working your full time job and study part time over 4 years to achieve a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of South Wales.

“The online experience is working well for me as I study around work and family commitments.”

– Regina McNamara, GetReskilled alumni

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Claire Wilson

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Claire runs GetReskilled’s Advanced Career Coaching Programme – our specially devised job hunting course that helps our trainees take that final step into employment by leading them through the job hunting process. She is extremely enthusiastic about helping people reach their final goal of employment in their new career path.

Claire has a BSc (Hons) in Medical Biology from Edinburgh University and spent 7 years working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.