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How do I Apply on Springboard for a Course?

What Is Springboard? The Springboard+ initiative in higher education offers free courses at certificate, degree and masters level in areas where there are identified employment opportunities in the Irish economy. It is co-funded by the Irish government and the European Social Fund.       Essentially the aim is to help people transition [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to a Pharmaceutical Career

On this page you'll find: What is pharmaceutical manufacturing? Closely related industries What types of jobs are there in the pharmaceutical industry? How much can I earn in pharmaceutical manufacturing? What qualifications do I need to work in the pharmaceutical industry? What are typical pharmaceutical industry career paths? Why should I consider reskilling into [...]

Certificate in eBioPharmaChem – Direct Answers to Your Most Important Questions

The Certificate in eBioPharmaChem is a 30-week online course that will give you the industry knowledge you need to make a mid-career change into pharmaceutical manufacturing. Pharma Manufacturing Jobs are Stable, Safe and Secure High Paying Jobs (30% Above Average) Academically accredited (Level 7) by Technological University Dublin, Ireland Stand-alone Programme designed specifically to help [...]

Certification in eValidation – Get Answers to Your Most Important Questions

The Certificate in eValidation is a 30-week online program that will retrain your for more senior roles in the highly sought-after niche area of validation, within pharmaceutical manufacturing. Acute shortage of Validation Professionals worldwide. A stand-alone programme designed to build your validation skills Academically accredited (Level 7) by Technological University Dublin, Ireland A stepping stone to our [...]

How To Be Sure About Your Career Change

You’re looking for a change of career - something different. But is pharmaceutical manufacturing the something different that’s right for you? We’re assuming that you’ve already done things like taking our “Is pharma for me?” quiz and been able to identify which course is right for you. If you’re successfully through all that then you [...]