Check out this pharmaceutical and medical device company career page directory to help you with your job hunt. It includes over 250 links to:

  • Multinational Companies
  • Indigenous Companies
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Companies Without Career Pages
  • Recruitment Companies
  • Job Websites
  • Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Multinational and Indigenous Companies

The companies listed in this section are multinational and indigenous pharmaceutical and medical device companies that have sites or facilities in the UK. These links will take you directly to the careers page of each company.

“HOT!” means the company currently has lots of open positions!

Engineering Consultancies

These are engineering consultancies, where you can find a whole range of roles including contract and project work.

Recruitment Companies

These are all UK recruitment companies or recruitment companies with offices in the UK, that specifically mention dealing with pharma jobs.

Job Websites

These sites all have their own jobs boards – some are aggregators for several other sites. It’s worth keeping an eye on a few until you can see which ones are displaying the jobs most suitable for you.

I’m Thinking of a Career in Pharma. What Should I Do Now?

Check out our tool ‘Is a Pharma Career For Me?‘ to see how suitable you are for a career in pharma or medical device manufacturing based on your career and educational history.

You might also like to check out our post 5 reasons to choose a pharmaceutical career for a more comprehensive look at the career options the industry offers.

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