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7 Mistakes Of Career Change Job Hunting

One Of The Biggest Challenges With Career Change Job Hunting... ... is that everyone thinks they already know what they're doing. Because who doesn't know how to write a CV, right? Firstly, everyone thinks they know how to write a CV… they often don’t. And secondly, a successful modern-day career change job hunting is [...]

What Types of Jobs are there in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Departments Before we consider specific roles, we should first discuss the departments typically found within a pharmaceutical manufacturing company: Production (Manufacturing) - operate the machinery and systems that actually produce the pharmaceutical product. (Approx 50% of  total staff) Validation - assess and document all equipment and processes to ensure that an action, process or system leads [...]

7 Deadly Sins of Pharmaceutical Job Applications

For the last 10 years, here at GetReskilled, we have been helping people from a wide range of backgrounds make mid-career changes into well-paid jobs and careers into the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries. With a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve come to learn what works and, more importantly, the mistakes [...]

List of 180 Pharmaceutical & Med Device Companies in Ireland

Check out this pharmaceutical and medical device company career page directory to help you with your job hunt. It includes over 180 links to: Multinational Companies Indigenous Companies Engineering Consultancies Companies Without Career Pages Recruitment Companies Job Websites Relevant LinkedIn Groups Multinational Companies in Ireland The companies listed in this section are multinational companies that have [...]