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15 Top LinkedIn Groups for CSV Professionals

Computer System Validation professionals are often part of a small team. Sometimes they're the only person with CSV responsibilities within their company. This means that networking with other professionals in similar roles can be difficult, but extremely important. LinkedIn is the "professional" social network. As such, it's a great place to start networking. There [...]

7 Mistakes Of Career Change Job Hunting

One Of The Biggest Challenges With Career Change Job Hunting... ... is that everyone thinks they already know what they're doing. Because who doesn't know how to write a CV, right? Firstly, everyone thinks they know how to write a CV… they often don’t. And secondly, a successful modern-day career change job hunting is [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to a Pharmaceutical Career

On this page you'll find: What is pharmaceutical manufacturing? Closely related industries What types of jobs are there in the pharmaceutical industry? How much can I earn in pharmaceutical manufacturing? What qualifications do I need to work in the pharmaceutical industry? What are typical pharmaceutical industry career paths? Why should I consider reskilling into [...]