How long does it take to get a job in the pharma industry?

How long does it take to go from making a job application to starting your first day at work in a pharmaceutical or medical device company? Of course, it varies from company to company and depends on the type of job you are applying for but the answer is commonly “much longer than expected”! Getting a job in this sector takes time and requires a significant amount of effort, preparation and waiting. The recruitment processes are generally multistep and rigorous with multiple checks and balances.

What is a Documentation Specialist?

By: Donagh Fitzgerald and Claire Wilson. Last Updated: April 2022 A Documentation Specialist is an individual responsible for the writing, distribution, collection, storage, and maintenance of a company’s documentation. In highly regulated industries, these activities are a requirement for regulatory compliance. Some Companies Might Call This Role… [...]

What is a Manufacturing Engineer?

By: Donagh Fitzgerald BEng and Claire Wilson BSc. Last Updated: April 2022 Photo: Sandra Goettisheim, KIT What is a Manufacturing Engineer? A Manufacturing Engineer designs and manages manufacturing systems, particulary machining and assembly processes to produce distinct products in a discrete manufacturing environment. They create [...]

What is a Process Technician? What do Process Technicians do and how do you become one?

Process Technicians work in continuous flow or process manufacturing and operate equipment, monitor the machinery and document results. Process manufacturing transforms raw materials such as milk, oil or natural gas (using heat, cold, pressure, or a chemical or biochemical agent) into an end product (e.g. butter, beer, cheese, milk formula, drugs, cosmetics, gasoline, paint, etc.) on an industrial scale.

What is a Project Engineer?

By: Donagh Fitzgerald and Claire Wilson. Last Updated: July 2023 What is a Project Engineer? A Project Engineer manages technical or engineering projects. They work with stakeholders at all levels, with direct responsibility for budgeting, personnel and project planning and making sure the project is finished [...]

What is a Laboratory Technician?

By: Claire Wilson and Donagh Fitzgerald. Last Updated: April 2022 What is a Laboratory Technician? A Laboratory Technician assists industry scientists with research, testing and conducting experiments. This can involve a number of different technical tasks which can vary greatly between roles. Their work is almost always [...]