Latest Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Job Announcements for Ireland

Updated: May 2019

Ireland’s pharmaceutical and medical device industries have seen excellent growth over the last few years. If you want to know more about why check out this blog post.

This growth has, of course, led to many companies looking to hire more staff. It can be difficult to keep track of which companies are still in the process of recruiting for these announcements so we thought we’d do it for you!

infographic showing the locations and details of new pharmaceutical and medical device job announcements in ireland

Our Irish Job Announcement List

The page contains a list of expansions plans and job announcements that could still be in the recruiting process. The links here are to news articles to let you see details of the announcements. To follow up, visit the company career pages or contact them directly. You can find a complete list of links to company career pages on our Job Website Directory.

We’ll be updating this page regularly so check back every-so-often to see new announcements!

We hope you find this list useful and wish you luck with your job hunt!

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