1. Manufacturing Safe Medicines & Medical Devices Course
Manufacturing Safe Medicines

Manufacturing Safe Medicines (Foundation Course)
NO Experience Required

No Industry Experience? FIRST, take this course to fill in your knowledge or
qualification gaps. Then take our follow-on programs.
  • Take your first step to retrain for a starter level job in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Check that this well paying industry is the right fit for you
  • 15 week online course – No needless travel
  • Application Deadline: 1st May
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Manufacturing Safe Medicines (Foundation Course)
NO Experience Required

No Industry Experience? FIRST, take this course to fill in your knowledge or qualification gaps. Then take our follow-on programs.
Manufacturing Safe Medicines & Medical Devices Course GetReskilled
Pharmaceutical Degree
Pharmaceutical Degree
Pharmaceutical Degree
Pharmaceutical Degree
Pharmaceutical Degree
Pharmaceutical Degree

1 Module over 15 Weeks
Study Online 10 hrs/week 

No Industry Experience Required
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1st May
Class Starts: 9th of May

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Apply NOW & Take Your First Steps to a New Career
Apply NOW & Take Your First Steps to a New Career

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This Course is Right for You If;

You have NO industry experience or NO academic qualifications.

You want to retrain for a starter level job in the pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing industry. Typical backgrounds include;

  • Homemakers
  • Unemployed
  • Restaurant Sector – Chef, Cook, Restaurant Manager
  • Healthcare – Nurse, Pharmacist, Radiation Therapist, Caregivers, etc
  • Manufacturing – Production Operator, Toolmaker, Fitter/Turner
  • Food Processing – Operator, Butcher
  • Military – Army, Navy, Air Force, etc
  • Construction – Electrician, Plumber/Pipe-fitter, Carpenter/Joiner, Foreman, General Operative
  • Warehouse – All Warehouse Workers
  • Sales/Business – Retail Sales, Pharma Sales, Business, Accountants, Finance, etc
  • Other – Farmers, Designers, Architects,  Airline Staff, Beauty/Hair Saloon etc

What Starter Level Roles I Could Retrain For?

FIRST,  you’ll need to complete this course (Manufacturing Safe Medicines – Foundation Course) to fill in your knowledge and qualification gaps and meet our follow-on program’s minimum academic requirements.

Then, take this Certificate in eBioPharmachem program to retrain for starter level roles such as:

And with a few years experience:

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Programme Highlights

About   Syllabus   FAQ   Price   Apply

Programme Highlights

  • Check that this well paying industry is the right fit for you
  • 8 Week part-time online course – No needless travel
  • Application Deadline: 1st May

What is Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is the synthesis and manufacture of medicines on an industrial scale. The process can be broken down into a series of steps such as:

  • Chemical synthesis of the medicine that helps the patient – the raw medicine is known as the API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.
  • Formulation or preparation – the medicine is mixed with solvents, binding agents, and pharmaceutical excipients along with milling and granulation.
  • Tablet compression – shaping the medicine into pills.
  • Tablet coating – to protect the pills and make them easier to swallow.

All stages of pharmaceutical industry operations are closely regulated and monitored by regulatory bodies to ensures that products are made safely and correctly, every single time.

Is a Career in Pharma Right For Me?

Take this 30 second quiz to find out if you are a good fit!

Is a Pharma Career Right For Me?

How are Medicines Made?

Check out this video from AstraZeneca for an overview of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

What Does the Online Classroom Look Like?


We use one centralized platform where you can log into your classroom. There you can get assignments, interact with faculty and peers, reply to message boards, and more.

Each week, you’ll complete a series of videos, quizzes, interactive activities and projects through our online platform, available to access 24/7.
Online courses can start off great, but staying motivated can be a challenge. So, we check your progress weekly to keep you on track and we’ll reach out to you by email or even by phone if you fall behind!
Because it’s online, there are no long commutes, traffic jams or crowded trains to deal with on the way to class. Study at home after the kids have gone to bed.
Your working schedules are unpredictable so we offer flexible delivery. Slow down, speed up or pause the delivery of the course.
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Hear From People Who’ve Taken This Course
Manufacturing Safe Medicines

John Ryan

“The course content material is concise and interesting”

“The professionalism and passion of the lecturers comes across in the tutorials which gives the student confidence and encouragement to keep on top of the course. The course content material is concise and interesting. The timing of the release of the lessons is perfect, the student moves at a comfortable pace, one step at a time.”

Manufacturing Safe Medicines

Ronan Balfe

“I would have no hesitation in recommending these courses”

“Studying online gives you the time to do the course in your own time yet with assignment deadlines this made you disciplined to meet the deadlines set. I would have no hesitation in recommending these courses to anyone wishing to gain an education in the pharmaceutical sector.”

Manufacturing Safe Medicines

Edel Harkins

“Highly recommended to anyone who has been out of the industry for a period of time”

“I would highly recommend anyone in my situation who has been out of the industry for a period of time to do these courses. They have contributed to my new found confidence in my existing and new qualifications, my improved interview skills and my new job!”

Pharmaceutical Facility Design

Noel O’Brien

“The quality of the course content was excellent and very substantial and covered all aspects associated within the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Information that I feel could and would be very much a requirement for the type of work I would be seeking, within such companies.”

Pharmaceutical Facility Design

Anne Reilly

“Very important to do a course if you have been absent from workplace for a relatively long period. It just gives you the confidence to do interviews etc.”

Pharmaceutical Facility Design

Louise McManus

“Excellent course, well set out.”

Andy Wnuk, MSc (Eng) MIEI

“Along with the technical training in I would rate the course 10 out 10 and would highly recommend to others, very interesting, informative and very well presented. Relevant totally to my needs and expectations.”

David O’Shea, March 2012

“I found this course very beneficial and I am delighted that, even at early stages in the course, it has already provided me with the opportunity to secure a position within the pharmaceutical industry.”

Denis Hegarty, May 2012

“I found the course was run very professionally, The course notes and videos supplied were excellent, the notes tied in very efficiently and accurately with the videos. Dr Joe Brady’s presentation on the videos and his expertise and help at the webinars was outstanding. I found it very easy to continue studying even though I found employment two months into the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone hoping to further their education in this field.”

Tan Sear Enyu, Venture Corporation Limited, SA

“The lecturers have vast knowledge to share and are technical specialists within the Life Sciences Industry…there was a lot of encouragement and team exchange of experience to bring in for class work and assignment participation.”

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Delivered by an Industry Expert

Dr. Joe Brady

Full-Time Validation Lead and Lecturer, Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Joe Brady is full-time practicing Validation Lead and an assistant lecturer with the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), in the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Joe is a certified trainer and highly experienced in competency-based training. He designs and prepares educational modules and full academic programs ranging from MSc, MEngSc. BSc, to Certificate level, for a range of academic institution.

He is also a supervisor for MSc/MEngSc and PhD theses. Joe has over seventeen years project experience in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries in Ireland, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, France and the USA.

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Your 15-Week Class Schedule

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Your Class Director is going to check your study logs at the end of every week and will only release the following week’s materials to you if you have been regularly logging in and completed the previous week’s activities.

And he or she will proactively follow up with you to keep you on track.

Week 1 – Industry Regulations & Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) – Part 1
  • Finished Medicinal Products
  • Focus on Patient Safety and Product Quality
  • ISO-9001 ‘Quality Management Systems — Requirements’
  • Product Quality and cGMP Practices
Week 2 – Industry Regulations & Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) – Part 2
  • Regulatory Guidelines for API Manufacturing
  • ICH Q10 Continual Improvements
  • Quality Systems Regulations – Manufacturing
  • FDA Medical Device Rules
  • Medical Device Regulations & Guidelines
Week 3 – Process & Cleaning Validation and Documentation
  • Process Validation
  • ASTM E2500 ‘Specification, Design & Verification of Manufacturing Systems’
  • PQ, OQ and IQ (Performance Qualification, Operational Qualification, Installation Qualification)
  • Cleaning Validation
Week 4 – Risk Management Tools for Scientific Based Decisions
  • Introduction to Quality Risk Management (QRM)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) – ‘Workshop’ exercise
  • Failure Mode, Effects (and Criticality) Analysis (FMEA / FMEAC) – ‘Workshop’ exercise
  • Documenting the Quality Risk Management Process
Week 5 – Chemical and Biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Batch Organic Chemical Synthesis
  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Week 6 – Tablet, Aseptic and Sterile manufacturing
  • Tablet Manufacturing
  • Aseptic & Sterile Manufacturing
Week 7 – Purified Water, Clean Steam & Cleaning
  • Purified Water Generation, Storage & Distribution
  • Clean Steam
  • Water for Injection, Storage and Distribution
  • Engineering Aspects of Cleaning
  • Chemistry Aspects of Cleaning
  • Steam Sterilization
Week 8 – Cleanrooms
  • HVAC for Non-Sterile Manufacturing
  • Cleanroom Layout
  • Area Classification Protection
  • Cleanroom Gowning
  • Cleanroom Monitoring
Week 9 and 10 Complete the Following Activities & Workshops

Write a 4-5 page essay, which you could present at a job interview to clearly demonstrate your Technical Knowledge and Understanding of the Quality Culture necessary to work in a GMP regulated manufacturing environment. It will confirm your understanding of how to Manufacture Safe Medicines and Medical Devices in a GMP regulated environment and will include the following topics:

  • The key requirements of a quality management system
  • The manufacturing responsibilities for quality systems
  • The cleaning validation sequence and how to determine cleanliness levels
  • The documentation of a complete risk management process in terms of identify risk, analyzing risk, evaluating risk and controlling risk.
  • The typical equipment and process stages used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • The critical process parameters and quality attributes associated with the manufacture of tablets.
  • The generation, storage and distribution of pharmacopeia grade Purified Water (PUW).
  • The common cleanroom configuration and airflow direction that governs personnel and material flows in a biopharmaceutical manufacturing environment

Now you will start the Advanced Career Coaching elements of this course to develop the skills you will need to find a job in this industry.

Week 11 – Learn about the BioPharma/MedTech Industry and figure out jobs you can do
  • Learn about your local BioPharma/MedTech manufacturing industry in detail
  • Understanding pharma industry jargon.
  • How to find the roles that are right for you
Week 12 – Practice skills assessments, write, rewrite and customize CVs and resumes
  • How to job hunt when you already have a job
  • Assessing your own skill set and how to sell that to employers
  • What employers expect from your application
  • CV and cover letter writing skills that are highly tailored to a job advert with personalized feedback
Week 13 – Speculative job applications and how to research jobs available
  • Develop a list of appropriate companies and people for speculative job applications
  • Practice writing speculative applications
  • How to make successful speculative applications
Week 14 – Social Media, networking and interview preparation
  • Network effectively both on and offline
  • How to use social media in your job hunt
  • Interview preparation
  • How to deal with psychometric testing
Week 15 – End of Module assignment

Complete a 9-step application process simulation for a BioPharma/MedTech job, using the relevant tools and techniques you have learned, including the following;

  • Discuss your local BioPharma/MedTech manufacturing industry
  • List the departments and job roles where your skills are best suited
  • Understand your current skill set and how to discuss that with employers
  • Network effectively both on and offline
  • Write a CV and a cover letter that are highly tailored to a job advert
  • Write a speculative application and have a list of local companies appropriate for such an application
  • Prepare for an interview
Certified by GetReskilled

You will receive an end of course certificate from GetReskilled which along with others modules can build into an academic accreditation from the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) subject to the following criteria;

  • Passing a written or oral Exam on the materials.
  • The submission of all assessments and the end of module assignment.

5-Week Advanced Career Coaching –  Open Your Eyes to Modern Job Hunting

This is a practical course, not a theoretical one. There is no “filler” content. Each and every task is specially designed to take you one step closer to the job you want in a structured way.

The course is assessed using a mock application for a real job advert. You’ll complete a 9-step application process simulation for a BioPharma/MedTech job, using the relevant tools and techniques.

You’ll also have access to a program advisor who is there to offer support and guidance, offer personalized feedback and provide additional resources in any areas you need a little extra help.

At the end of the course, you’ll have confidence through a more strategic approach to job hunting. You’ll have a complete tool kit for modern job hunting.

Finding a job in pharma will no longer seem like a daunting prospect – it’ll be a challenge you excel at.

“I never realised how much I didn’t know”

That’s the most common feedback we get when people finish this programme. And it really doesn’t take that long to get that new knowledge and start putting it to good use…

By the end of week 1 … you’ll have a personalised spreadsheet that shows all the steps to your job hunt, up front – no surprises. You’ll also have a handle on your current job hunting capabilities and where the gaps are. Finally, you’ll have completed exercises that lead you through discovering the unique things you’re bringing to employers.

In 5 weeks … you’ll have finished the module and submitted your assignment. As part of that you’ll have a completely rewritten CV and be 100% clear on the steps you need to take for each and every application to give you the best possible chance of success.

In 2 months… you’ll be in the process of applying for jobs. You’ll be talking to employers – submitting applications, taking phone interviews and participating in first round interviews and assessment centres.

In 3 – 6 months … you’ll have the first of your job offers. If you follow all our advice, you should have received at least 1 job offer.

In 1 year … you’ll be settled in your new career and possibly starting to consider your next step. The benefit of this course is that it’s timeless. What you learn now will be applicable to any job hunt in the future. This course isn’t about getting your next job, it’s about being confident and well prepared for every job hunt in the rest of your career.

Meet Claire

Claire runs GetReskilled’s Advanced Career Coaching Program – our specially devised job hunting program that will help you find a job.

e(Bio) PharmaChem (DT 698)

Show Off Your New Skills: Get a Certificate of Completion

Once the course is over, complete a written assignment to get certified in Manufacturing Safe Medicines & Medical Devices Course

Add it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or just get that well-earned raise you’ve been waiting for.

Manufacturing Safe Medicines

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course delivered online? Yes
  • Can I pause the class if I get to busy at work or because of family commitments? Yes
  • Are all course materials available 24/7? Yes
  • Can I take this program at my own pace? Yes
  • Do I need to be online all the time? No you don't
  • I live in the UK/Europe/USA/Australia etc,. Can I still take this program? Yes
  • Can I spread the payments over a couple of months? Yes
  • Will I have my own personal course leader who follows up with me to make sure I get to the end of the course. Yes
  • Will I have access to the materials after the course is finished? Yes for 6 months.




Application Deadline: 1st May, 2019

Program Starts: 9th May


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