By: Donagh Fitzgerald B.Prod Eng and Claire Wilson BSc. Last Updated: January 2024

People working in a pharma plant

Check out this pharmaceutical and medical device company career page directory to help you with your job hunt.

We are continually updating this page and try hard to keep this information as accurate as possible. But if you know of a company we’ve missed or see data that needs correction, please contact us.

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Multinational Companies in Ireland

The companies listed in this section are multinational companies that have manufacturing sites or facilities in Ireland. They are typically larger companies with high staff numbers. These links will take you directly to the careers page of each company.

“HOT!” means the company currently has lots of open positions!

Engineering Consultancies

Here we list engineering and validation consultancies that work with the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing sector and that focus on process engineering, project design, project engineering and management, high purity piping installations, clean utilities, commissioning, qualification and validation, CSV, process automation, instrumentation and calibration, cleanroom and HVAC installations.