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Graduation Day 2018 (…and could you be next?)

by Gerard Creaner (President, GetReskilled)It’s a very happy day here at GetReskilled.As company President, I’m absolutely THRILLED to announce the graduation of 14 students… and share some photos from the event!On Saturday 13th October 2018 - in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin - 14 students were awarded a BSc in the Manufacture of Medicinal Products from [...]

A Course Worth Learning, Not Just Passing

Pat O’Loughlin had worked in semi-conductor manufacturing for over 20 years. He joined the industry as a Process Technician and worked his way up to being the Lead Maintenance Technician in different functional areas within the industry.  During his time in the industry he completed an Honors Engineering Degree on a part-time basis. [...]

No Manufacturing Experience? No Problem.

With two Bachelor’s degrees and 10 years work experience as a Health Care Professional, Aaron Bates had decided he wanted to change his career path. After some research, he decided that a new career in pharmaceutical manufacturing might be just what he was looking for. So he began GetReskilled’s eBioPharmaChem course. Tips for Studying [...]

From Engineering Consultancy into Pharma

When Jeffery Kophamel started his reskilling journey into pharma, he already had a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and had over twenty-five years of engineering experience. Despite this background, he couldn’t find a way in to pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing. Aiming for a BioPharma/MedTech Career Until that point, Jeff had worked in engineering in [...]

From Optician to Chemical Process Technician!

Adrian Fitzpatrick works as a Chemical Process Technician for a pharmaceutical company. He’s been doing this since October 2014 and it’s an interesting job that he enjoys. It’s also a job that he thinks is an option for more people than you might realise - his prior work experience isn’t entirely ‘traditional’ for this [...]