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Graduation Day 2018 (…and could you be next?)

by Gerard Creaner (President, GetReskilled)It’s a very happy day here at GetReskilled.As company President, I’m absolutely THRILLED to announce the graduation of 14 students… and share some photos from the event!On Saturday 13th October 2018 - in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin - 14 students were awarded a BSc in the Manufacture of Medicinal Products from [...]

A Course Worth Learning, Not Just Passing

Student Profile - Pat O’Loughlin Job Before: Lead Maintenance Technician (Semi-Conductor Manufacturing) Courses Taken: eBioPharmaChem Job Now: Process Technician (Pharma) "Take it on with a view to not just completing it and getting a result... There’s a lot of detail about what goes on in the industry, on the floor, how [...]

No Manufacturing Experience? No Problem.

Student Profile - Aaron Bates Job Before: Health Care Professional Courses Taken: eBioPharmaChem Job Now: Manufacturing Operative (Medical Device) “I think it’s a very competitive industry – the course definitely helps” With two Bachelor’s degrees and 10 years work experience as a Health Care Professional, Aaron [...]

From Optician to Chemical Process Technician!

Student Profile - Adrian Fitzpatrick Job Before: OpticianCourses Taken: eBioPharmaChemJob Now: Chemical Process Technician “I’m extremely proud. I worked hard at it, and it has paid off” Adrian Fitzpatrick works as a Chemical Process Technician for a pharmaceutical company. He’s been doing this since October 2014 and it’s [...]