by Gerard Creaner (President, GetReskilled)

It’s a very happy day here at GetReskilled.

As company President, I’m absolutely THRILLED to announce the graduation of 14 students… and share some photos from the event!

On Saturday 13th October 2018 – in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin – 14 students were awarded a BSc in the Manufacture of Medicinal Products from Technological University Dublin.

It was wonderful to see their hard work celebrated and be with them as they reached this milestone.


The Road to a Degree

All of this graduating group began their journey at least 4 years ago as students on GetReskilled’s eBioPharmaChem programme.

We’ve talked before about how our courses build towards a BSc degree and it was with great pride that I sat in the cathedral and watched this group complete that journey.

None of them had previous experience in pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing. In fact, they were reskilling from an extremely diverse range of professions.

I’m sure they’d all agree that it wasn’t always easy – studying for a BSc degree never is. I’m sure there were times that many of them questioned whether they’d get there. I’m sure each of them made sacrifices along the way.

But each of these graduates took on the challenges they faced and conquered them. It took time, effort and patience. They each showed great resilience and worked hard. In the end, they each achieved success.


Our 2018 BSc Graduates

So now let me take a moment to congratulate each of our 2018 BSc graduates…

  • Ola Adejumo
  • Martina Buckley
  • Chris Burton
  • Darren Farrell
  • Martin Franklin
  • Milena Lee
  • Justin McNulty
  • Rita Moylan
  • Brian Mullaney
  • Luke McCormac Parker
  • Johan Rousseau
  • Niall Seagrave
  • Niamh Sheahan
  • John Sheehan

… well done! The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are lucky to have each of you.

Everyone at GetReskilled is extremely proud of what you’ve achieved.

Looking to the Future

With their degrees complete, I’m sure each of these graduates has a long and successful career ahead of them.

I cannot wait to see what they accomplish.

As it would happen, they all began their reskilling journey with Springboard+ funding for a place on our eBioPharmaChem programme. And as we continue with our Springboard enrollment for 2018/19 – it’s exciting to consider where our next intake of students might end up.

And who knows, maybe in 4 years time I’ll be congratulating you!