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photo of student Regina McNamara

Regina McNamara

Johnson & Johnson

From a Professional Painter to Product Builder

I’d recommend this course to anyone that wants to work in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing industry and is interested in building a successful career in this area. The online experience is working well for me as I study around work and family commitments.

The companies I applied for were very impressed. I am currently working in Boston Scientific manufacturing Balloon Catheters for Gallstone patients.

Job Success Stories

John Ryan


Making Car Parts to Med Device Manufacturing

I have been working in the automotive components manufacturing industry since 1992 and I recognised that I had to upskill in order to get into the medical device/ pharmaceutical industry. In 2013 I secured a six month contractual position as a process engineer.

Job Success Stories

Jeffery Kophamel

DePuy Synthes Companies

From Engineering Consultancy into Pharma

When Jeffery Kophamel started his reskilling journey into pharma, he already had a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and had over twenty-five years of engineering experience. Despite this background, he couldn’t find a way in to pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing.


Aaron Bates

No Manufacturing Experience? No Problem

With two Bachelor’s degrees and 10 years work experience as a Health Care Professional, Aaron Bates had decided he wanted to change his career path. After some research, he decided that a new career in pharmaceutical manufacturing might be just what he was looking for. So, with the assistance of Springboard funding, he began GetReskilled’s Certificate in BioPharmaChem program.

Job Success Stories

Adrian Fitzpatrick

From Optician to Chemical Process Technician!

Adrian now works as a Chemical Process Technician for a pharmaceutical company. He’s been doing this since October 2014 and it’s an interesting job that he enjoys. It’s also a job that he thinks is an option for more people than you might realise – his prior work experience isn’t entirely ‘traditional’.

Pharma Job Success Stories at GetReskilled

Colin Lane


Validation – A Career Move to Tell Your Friends About

“I would say to anybody out there, if you’re thinking about doing the validation course, just go for it. Do it.

There’s a great opportunity within the course to learn. There’s a lot of detail about what goes on in the industry, on the floor, how things happen. Focus just as much on learning to actually educate yourself as much as passing exams. You actually have to embrace it and really get interested in the course material.

Pharma Job Success Stories at GetReskilled

Pat O’Loughlin


From Semiconductor to Pharma Manufacturing

“Focus just as much on learning to actually educate yourself as much as passing exams.”

I found the course quite useful from that point of view – I was able to understand terms and concepts about what happened in a pharmaceutical plant. So when I constructed my CV it was useful .. when it came to the interview it was useful again to be able to talk with a bit more authority about what goes on and link it to my own background.

Pharma Job Success Stories at GetReskilled

Jason Cummins

From the Food Industry to a Production Technician

It seems to be a booming industry… it’s absolutely worthwhile investing a little bit of your own down time or private time to do this online course at home, at your leisure.

It’s worked to my advantage and I can’t praise the course and the people that run the course, highly enough because I believe without them I mightn’t have gotten into the position I was, as quick as I did. And without that course, I wouldn’t have progressed as fast as I did.

Mehmet Hascan

Johnson & Johnson

“Material was Delivered in an Engaging, Interesting and Supportive Way”

Having faced a career change in the middle of an economic downturn, I lost some of my confidence and needed a major boost. The area of Biopharmaceutical operations and validation was of interest to me as it does play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry at present.

I have now been working at Johnson and Johnson Vision Care as a Validation Engineer and I look forward to putting what I have learned into practice.

Pharmaceutical Training

Trish Kineen

Johnson & Johnson

“You can study in your own time & at home (so you don’t have travel & child minding costs”

“It has been a great course to re-familiarize myself with the area after such a long time away and it’s brilliant that you can study in your own time & at home (so you don’t have travel & childminding costs)”

Sharon Egan


“Structurally Well Planned with the Opportunity for Practical Application”

I found the course to be interesting, structurally well planned with the opportunity for practical application of the course modules through various assignments.

I have worked in the Medical device/Pharmaceutical and Food industries and found the course to be extremely relevant to all industries.

Image of previous GetReskilled student Ronan Balfe

Ronan Balfe

“I would have no hesitation in recommending these courses”

“Studying online gives you the time to do the course in your own time yet with assignment deadlines this made you disciplined to meet the deadlines set. I would have no hesitation in recommending these courses to anyone wishing to gain an education in the pharmaceutical sector.”

Declan Testimonial GetReskilled

Declan O’Shea

PM Group

“I landed my Dream Role as a C&Q Specialist”

“I took GetReskilled’s 8 month eBioPharmaChem Course and started in an entry-level role at Pfizer. I kept studying and I eventually leveraged my experience and academic qualifications and landed my dream job as a C&Q Specialist.

Image of previous GetReskilled student Edel Harkins

Edel Harkins


“Highly recommended to anyone who has been out of the industry for a period of time”

“I would highly recommend anyone in my situation who has been out of the industry for a period of time to do these courses. They have contributed to my new found confidence in my existing and new qualifications, my improved interview skills and my new job!”

Pharma Job Success Stories at GetReskilled

Regina Heaphy


“Take the first step to move in the right direction”

“The Certificate in eBioPharmaChem program gave me a lot of confidence in myself. The online structure suited me perfectly as well as being able to work on it from home and in my own time. Regulatory affairs, as well as product research and development, are two areas of huge interest to me. While I did it ‘on the fly ‘ before. Having completed the course I have a much better understanding of both and in my ability to apply them.

Take the first step to move in the right direction.

It gave me a huge boost when I was accepted. Jerry who interviewed me on the phone mentioned that over 200 applied and 50 would be accepted. I feel privileged to have been accepted and my children were very proud of me too.”