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Overview of Medtronic Worldwide

  • Total Revenue 2022: $31.7 billion
  • Estimated R&D Spend 2022: $2.7 billion
  • Global Number of Employees 2022: 95,000

Medtronic began as a medical supply repair shop in the US in 1949. When they moved into medical device manufacturing, their first commercial product was a battery-powered, wearable pacemaker. From then on they have focused on technology as a means of improving treatment.

Today, they aim to develop and manufacture technology that improves the treatment and management of chronic conditions.

Medtronic claims that:

“Our healthcare technologies transform the lives of two people every second, every hour, of every day.”

In 2015, Medtronic bought Irish-headquartered Covidien to further expand its scope. As a result, Medtronic now employs over 95,000 people in over 150 countries.

Medtronic in Ireland

Medtronic launched their Irish operations in 1999. Today, they employ more than 4,000 people across 5 sites in Galway, Athlone and Dublin.

Galway is home to two sites at Mervue and Parkmore with over 2,000 people employed across both these sites. The third manufacturing site is a former Covidien facility in Westmeath – employing over 500 people.

Medtronic’s headquarters and principal executive offices are located in Dublin, and the Customer Contact Centre in City West houses customer services, sales and marketing functions.

In 2016, the company won Medtech Company of the Year at the Irish Medtech Awards.

Medtronic went on to celebrate 40 years of Irish operations in 2022:

The company’s country director, Gerard Kilcommins, said:

“The 40-year anniversary is an important milestone to celebrate in Medtronic’s Irish story. Our sites in Ireland have played a significant role in Medtronic’s evolution from medical device manufacturer to a global leader in healthcare technology.”

Overall rating by their employees 2023 (source):

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Medtronic in Dublin

  • Employees in Dublin: 1500
  • Activities: Corporate HQ & Customer Contact Centre

Dublin is home to two Medtronic office sites.

The first is the company’s corporate headquarters and principle executive offices, in Dublin 2.

The second is the Customer Contact Centre in City West. This site also hosts the company’s sales and marketing functions.

Medtronic in Galway

  • Employees in Galway: 2000
  • Activities: Medical Device Manufacturing

Medtronic has had a presence in Galway since 1999. There are two Medtronic manufacturing sites in Galway – Mervue and Parkmore.

At Mervue, the company focuses on the development of Respiratory & Monitoring Solutions.

At Parkmore, Medtronic has established a “Centre of Excellence for Operations and R&D to support Global Cardiac & Vascular Businesses, as well as a Customer Innovation Centre”. There is also significant manufacturing – approximately 10,000 stents per day are made here (that’s ~2 million every year!) – the majority of which are exported for use around the world.

Medtronic’s Galway manufacturing played a vital role in ventilator production during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company also chose to make the plans for their ventilator open-access in early 2020, to help meet worldwide ventilator demand.

“We are exceptionally proud of the efforts of our Galway employees for leading Medtronic’s response to the global ventilator demand throughout 2020 and 2021″
– Geoff Martha, Medtronic CEO

In 2022, as the company celebrated 40 years of Irish operations, they announced a further $30m investment which would lead to 200 new R&D jobs within the Parkmore site.

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Medtronic in Westmeath

  • Employees in Westmeath: 500
  • Activities: Medical Device Manufacturing

Medtronic’s facilities in Athlone were formally a Covidien manufacturing site, before the company was acquired in 2015.

The site is an R&D Centre of Excellence for the company as well as manufacturing airways products.

How to Get a Job With Medtronic in Ireland

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