There are several metrics you can use to decide the “best” company. But what employees say should definitely be considered.

So we’ve taken employee submitted scores from across 4 different websites and combined them to create a star rating system for Ireland’s pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies.

To be included in this list, a company had to have a review score on at least 3 of the websites.

To simplify this article, we’ve listed out the companies in groupings. No company scored above 4.5, so our highest ranked group is the 4-star group, who all scored 4.0 – 4.49 out of 5.

Image of 4 gold stars

4-Star Companies (scoring 4.00 – 4.49)

image of 3 and a half gold stars

3.5-Star Companies (scoring 3.5 – 3.99)

Image of 3 gold stars

3-Star Companies (scoring 3.0 – 3.49)


Scores were taken from Glassdoor,, Payscale, and Indeed, in January 2019