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Overview of Stryker Worldwide

  • Total Sales 2022: $18.4 billion
  • R&D Spend 2022: $1.45 billion
  • Global Number of Employees 2022: ~51,000

When orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stryker, founded his company in the U.S in 1941, he was aiming to make products that met patients’ previously unmet healthcare needs. Today, Stryker continues in the field of medical technology with a focus on Medical and Surgical devices, Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine, and is now one of the biggest medtech companies in the world.

The company estimates that in 2022, over 130 million patients were impacted by their products.

Stryker in Ireland

Stryker has seven sites located across Ireland – five manufacturing sites and an R&D Innovation Centre in Cork, and a manufacturing site in Limerick. They also have a manufacturing site in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The manufacturing facilities in Cork manufacture neurovascular catheters and coils, cutting accessories, blades & burs and orthopaedic hips. The company also has an R&D Innovation Centre and the new Stryker Anngrove facility that is solely dedicated to 3D printing. In total, over 4,100 people are employed by Stryker in Cork.

In Limerick, the company has a site that manufactures medical devices for joint replacement & bone cement. This site currently employs over 950 employees.

All Stryker’s sites in Ireland use 100% renewable energy and they are on target to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Check out the video below for a look inside Stryker’s Irish operations…

Overall rating by their employees 2023 (source):

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Stryker in Cork

  • Employees in Cork: 4100
  • Activities: Medical Device R&D and Manufacturing

“Cork is Stryker’s biggest innovation and manufacturing hub outside of our U.S. headquarters.”

Stryker first began operations in Cork in 1998. Today, the company employs over 4,100 people across six sites. The company’s European operations leadership are also based in the county.

“At Stryker, we don’t see ourselves as simply being located in Cork, but as a part of the community”

The company’s six sites across the county are:


  • Opened: 1998
  • Activities: Instrument manufacturing


  • Opened: 1998
  • Activities: Medical implant manufacturing

Model Farm Road

  • Opened: 2013 (site acquired 2011)
  • Activities: Neurovascular device development and manufacturing (including the R&D NeuroHub opened in 2022)

Innovation Centre

  • Opened: 2015
  • Activities: Medical instrumentation global R&D


  • Opened: 2016
  • Activities: Additive manufacturing (3D printing) & AMagine R&D Institute
    In 2022, the company opened a 3D printing (additive manufacturing) facility within the Anngrove site. This is expected to bring another 600 jobs to the area.


  • Acquired: 2020
  • Activities: T&E product manufacturing

Stryker’s investment in Cork has continued across many years. In 2019, the company announced a €200m investment for Research, Development and Innovation projects across three of the Cork sites.

In 2023, Stryker won “International Company of the Year’’ and “Overall Company of the Year’’ at the Cork Chamber awards.

“This award is dedicated to all of the people who are part of the Stryker story in Ireland.”
– Dr Bernard O’Connor, Stryker Vice President

Stryker in Limerick

  • Employees in Limerick: 950
  • Activities: Medical Device Manufacturing

The Limerick site opened in 1972 (as Howmedica) and was acquired by Stryker in 1998. The site manufactures medical devices for joint replacement & bone cement. Stryker also view the Limerick facilities as a “centre of automation excellence”.

Check out the video below for a look inside the Stryker Operations & Engineering Building in Limerick…

In 2022, Stryker was awarded “Best Sustainable Business” and “Overall Business of the Year” at the Limerick Chamber Regional Business Awards.

Stryker in Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Employees in Limerick: 200
  • Activities: Focuses on the production of defibrillators

Stryker’s production in Belfast began in 1997. The site focuses on the manufacture of defibrillators.

How to Get a Job With Stryker in Ireland

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