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List of 250 Pharmaceutical & Med Device Companies in the UK

Check out this pharmaceutical and medical device company career page directory to help you with your job hunt. It includes over 250 links to: Multinational Companies Indigenous Companies Engineering Consultancies Companies Without Career Pages Recruitment Companies Job Websites Relevant LinkedIn Groups Multinational and Indigenous Companies The companies listed in this section are multinational and indigenous pharmaceutical [...]

What is a Microbiologist?

A microbiologist is a scientific professional who studies microorganisms. They play a key role in pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing by testing to monitor levels of microbial contamination at all stages of the manufacturing process. What is Microbiology? Microbiology is the field of science that focuses on the characteristics of microorganisms. This [...]

What is a Validation Technician?

A Validation Technician works as part of the Validation team to measure and analyse the manufacturing process, audit and calibrate equipment and create a document trail that shows the process leads to a consistent result. This ensures that the product is consistently of the highest quality. What is Validation? Validation describes the [...]

What is a Facilities Engineer?

Facilities engineers work in a number of indoor environments including manufacturing facilities, hospitals and offices. They can have an extremely broad remit covering the infrastructure of the building, depending on the needs of the company. Areas of direct responsibility might include environmental, health and safety issues, electrical engineering or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air [...]

What is a Documentation Specialist?

A documentation specialist is the individual responsible for the writing, distribution, collection, storage and maintenance of a company’s documentation. In highly regulated industries, these activities are a requirement for regulatory compliance. What is Documentation? Documentation is an extremely important part of many industries. In highly regulated industries - such as pharmaceutical or [...]

What is a Manufacturing Engineer?

Manufacturing Engineers are the individuals responsible for development, design, implementation and monitoring of equipment, tools and machinery used in the manufacturing process. Their primary goal is to create the stages of a manufacturing system that ultimately produces a product in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way possible, while always maintaining staff safety and product [...]

What is a CSV Specialist?

CSV specialists work to plan, write, implement and review the Computer Systems Validation protocols in place within highly regulated manufacturing industries. Their work is essential to make sure that all computer-based systems are operating as intended (with documents to prove it) to meet regulatory requirements. What is CSV? Computer Systems Validation (CSV) [...]

What is a Calibration Technician?

Calibration technicians work across most manufacturing industries. They are responsible for the routine inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of instruments and manufacturing equipment. The purpose of the calibration technician role is to ensure the accuracy of the measurements taken using this equipment. What is Calibration? Within a manufacturing environment, equipment is used [...]

What is a Production Supervisor?

A Production Supervisor is the person directly responsible for overseeing and organising the equipment, staff and processes on a production floor. They will oversee scheduling and routine production activities as well as acting as first-line troubleshooting should problems arise. What is Production Supervision? Production Supervision is the first-line management of a production [...]

How do I Apply on Springboard for a Course?

What Is Springboard? The Springboard+ initiative in higher education offers free courses at certificate, degree and masters level in areas where there are identified employment opportunities in the Irish economy. It is co-funded by the Irish government and the European Social Fund.       Essentially the aim is to help people transition [...]

What is Computer Systems Validation (CSV)?

What is Computer Systems Validation? Computer Systems Validation (CSV) is a process used to ensure (and document) that all computer-based systems will produce information or data that meet predefined requirements. If a system meets these requirements, it can be assumed that it is consistently performing in the way it was intended. The process is used [...]

7 Mistakes Of Career Change Job Hunting

One Of The Biggest Challenges With Career Change Job Hunting... ... is that everyone thinks they already know what they're doing. Because who doesn't know how to write a CV, right? Firstly, everyone thinks they know how to write a CV… they often don’t. And secondly, a successful modern-day career change job hunting [...]