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Quality Job Descriptions & Salaries

View our pharmaceutical job descriptions and salary guide and see which position is best for you along with your estimated starting salary.

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Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist

Average U.S. salary ($) – 53,944

Ideal background – Bachelors degree (ideally in manufacturing or engineering), entry with HND possible with relevant experience.

Career path – Senior QA Specialist > QA Manager > QA Director

Employment outlook – QA Specialist named number 1 ‘most in-demand position’ in scientific field in 2015, expected to remain in high demand.


Quality Control (QC) Specialist

Job description – Carry out lab testing of products prior to lot release, also tasked with calibration and maintenance of lab equipment

Average U.S. salary ($) – 49,000

Ideal background – Bachelors degree in scientific discipline (ideally biology, biotechnology or microbiology), working knowledge of relevant protocols and regulations.

Career path – Senior QC Specialist > Quality Control (QC) Manager > QC Director


Project Quality Engineer

Job description – Develops systems and system documentation to ensure manufacturing meets all internal and external quality quality requirements. This involves reviewing of contractual documentation to highlight quality requirements. In addition, reviews systems and documentation regularly to analyse effectiveness and review or rewrite where necessary.

Average U.S. salary ($) – 86,025

Ideal background – Bachelors degree in engineering, previous experience as a Quality Engineer is highly desirable.

Career path – Senior Project Quality Engineer


Quality Engineer

Job description – Provides quality assurance support, ensuring that the operations continue in accordance with quality requirements while maintaining efficiency.

Average U.S. salary ($) – 86,025

Ideal background – Degree in engineering and good knowledge of quality systems – previous experience in quality engineering advantageous

Career path – Senior Quality Engineer


Associate Quality Engineer

Job description – Provision of Quality Assurance support to manufacturing process to ensure that all quality requirements are met whilst production is efficient, supplies suggestions of strategy improvement. Also involved in extensive testing of final product to ensure standards prior to distribution. Likely to work in supervision of several teams.

Average U.S. salary ($) – 60,000

Ideal background – Bachelors degree in engineering or lower level engineering qualification with work experience in technician role.

Career path – Quality Engineer

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