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First up let’s take a look at the technical set up you will need to be able to complete this course. As you’ll see, the requirements are basic:

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer – you need to be able to watch videos, open pdf files, and complete assignments. Needless to say, for an online course, daily access to a computer is a must.
  • Internet Access – a significant amount of course content is delivered via video. Most standard internet connections cope fine with this.
  • An Email Account (where you can reliably be reached) – much of our communication with classes is done via email. You need an email account that you can access regularly for the duration of your course.
  • Preview or Adobe – since lecture notes come in PDF format, you’ll need one of the programmes listed (or a similar alternative). This is an extremely common file type and many computers now come with this software preinstalled.
  • Microsoft Word or Google Docs – to complete assignments you need access to word processing software (such as those just mentioned). If you don’t already have a word processing programme on your computer, Google Docs is a free and reliable online alternative.
  • Access to a Printer – assignments have to be submitted in hard copy as well as via email. If you don’t have one at home, many places will let you print out documents for a small fee. Check out your local library.

In addition to equipment, some people can be a little worried about their “computer literacy” and whether it will stand in the way of successfully completing an online course.

So now let’s think about the technical skills you need.

  • Play a Video on YouTube – our course videos are not delivered in this way but if you know how to play and pause a video on YouTube, then you’ll be able to cope with accessing our videos.
  • Make/Receive a Skype Call – this is sometimes one of the elements of the application process.
  • Write a Document in Word Processing Software – if you’ve ever opened up a blank sheet and written a letter or a CV, for example, you have the skills needed for writing of assignments.
  • Basic Internet Research – you will be given all the information you need to complete assignments. But you should also be comfortable with the idea of a basic internet search to perform tasks such as finding out what an abbreviation means.

If you have the basic technical setup required and you can do these common computer-based tasks, you shouldn’t have a bother with completing our courses.

If you are in any doubt, contact us to discuss your specific circumstances in more detail.

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