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Updated June 2017


Job Announcements

Irish pharma and med device jobs announced so far in 2017: 875

  • Mallinckrodt are creating 45 jobs in Dublin
  • MSD announced 330 new jobs across Cork & Carlow
  • Shire are creating 150 jobs in Dublin

Stories & Articles

Silicon Republic ran a “Life Sciences Week” with loads of great articles. Some of the highlights included:


Please check each event listing carefully as some may require advance purchase of tickets, membership or notice of intention to attend.




Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are online courses that are open to all.

Here are a list of MOOCs that may be of interest if you are in (or are considering) a career in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We’ve also included courses that can help you in job hunting or making the most of other online learning opportunities.

You’ll find dates next to each course – even if the start date has passed, if it’s on our list then it’s still open new participants.

You might also be interested in checking out these FREE ‘on demand’ webinars from and this webcast library from

Job Hunting