Speculative Job Hunting Approaches

The work of a job hunter is never done.

Historically, job hunting has been a very reactive process – you see a job posted on a job board or with a recruitment agency and you apply. The truth is, successful job hunting today is a proactive process. Many job openings never make it as far as a job board or a recruitment agency. Mastering this proactive approach to job hunting could vastly improve your chances of scooping a great job quickly.

This isn’t just sending out your CV to every company you can think of, this process is a targeted strategy that allows you to use your time productively. So how exactly do you go about this proactive job search?

Identify where jobs are currently available (or will be soon)
Use your network – talk to people about the sort of jobs you’re looking for. Ask your contacts to let you know if they hear of people who are moving on or if there are recruitment events happening locally. Attend career fairs to discuss open vacancies but also to make connections with people who may be recruiting in the future.

Identify where jobs will be available in the future
Monitor news sites for stories of companies expanding or moving into the area. There are several aggregator sites such as ‘Google news’ where you can search various news outlets at one time and set up news alerts. With an alert in place, you’ll receive emails when news stories matching your keywords are published. News stories of company expansions, new facility developments or increasing productivity are all things that will highlight jobs in the future.

Identify key people within expanding companies and reach out to them
Once you’ve highlighted companies that are in the process of expanding, or will be soon, identify key people within these organisations and begin networking with them using sites such as LinkedIn. This can help you develop relationships, find out where to monitor for updates and increase your profile within these companies.

Get a quick start on jobs that do reach the ‘marketplace’
Of course you should still be monitoring job adverts and applying to appropriate roles. As well as individual job websites, there are also aggregator websites such as Indeed and SimplyHired that gather together job postings from various other job websites. As well as setting aside a regular time to review recently posted jobs, keep a lookout for sites that allow you to set up alerts (where you’ll receive an email when a suitable job is posted) or apps with notifications (where you’ll receive an alert on your mobile when a suitable job is posted). Doing this, will allow you to move quickly and make a great first impression before the hiring company has been flooded with dozens of applications.

These tactics combined give you a great proactive job hunt. This is an extremely positive way to approach your job hunt and gives you an ongoing focus, keeping a strong momentum and clear goals as you move forward. Of course, what is also means, is that the work of a job hunter is never done.