Table of 190 Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Factories in Wales Organised by County

Check out the following infographic:

  • Over 62,500 people are directly employed by Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing Companies in Ireland across 190 factories. Many thousands more are employed indirectly.

And the factory table below which lists:

  • The location of 190 factories organised by county
  • The numbers of employees in each factory
  • What product is manufactured there
  • The location of over 5,800 new jobs that are going to be added by 2021 broken down by county
CountyCompanyProductNumber of EmployeesNew Job Announcements
ClwydBimedaAnimal Health - Manufacturing
ClwydConvaTecMedical Devices - Ostomy Care, Wound Care & Continence Care
ClwydIpsenPharma - Biologics Manufacturing
ClwydMC DiagnosticsDiagnostics - Manufacturing
ClwydPharmavetAnimal Health - Manufacturing
ClwydWockhardtPharma - Contract Manufacturing
DyfedBTGPharma - Manufacturing
DyfedMagstimMedical Devices - Magnetic Stimulation
DyfedMicroPharmPharma - Manufacturing & Contract Manufacturing
GwentBBI GroupDiagnostic - Manufacturing
GwentConvaTecMedical Devices - Ostomy Care, Wound Care & Continence Care
GwentEuroCapsPharma - Softgels Manufacturing
GwentNanopharmPharma - Manufacturing
GwentPCI Pharma ServicesPharma - Manufacturing440Additional 100 by 2021
GwentSharp Clinical ServicesPharma - Contract Manufacturing
GwentThermo FisherMedical Devices - Single-Use Laboratory Products
GwyneddBimedaAnimal Health - Manufacturing
GwyneddSiemens HealthineersPharma - Packaging & Labelling
Mid GlamorganFlexicareMedical Devices - Respirators
Mid GlamorganInvacareMedical Devices - Respiratory Care
Mid GlamorganNorginePharma - Manufacturing
Mid GlamorganOrtho Clinical DiagnosticsDiagnostics - Manufacturing
Mid GlamorganPCI Pharma ServicesPharma - Packaging & Labelling
Mid GlamorganRenishawMedical Devices - Manufacturing
Mid GlamorganTechnoventMedical Devices - Manufacturing
Mid GlamorganZimmer BiometMedical Devices - Orthotic Implants
PowysPCI Pharma ServicesPharma - Packaging & Labelling
South GlamorganAlesi SurgicalMedical Devices - Surgical
South GlamorganGreat Bear HealthcareMedical Devices - Continence Products
South GlamorganPelican HealthcareMedical Devices - Ostomy Care
South GlamorganPharmaronPharma - Manufacturing
South GlamorganRSR DiagnosticsDiagnostics - Manufacturing
South GlamorganSMPUPharma - Manufacturing
West GlamorganArcadia PharmaceuticalsPharma - Specials Manufacturing
West GlamorganHaemairMedical Devices - Respiratory Care
West GlamorganDTR MedicalMedical Device - Single-use Surgical Instruments/Pharma - Contract Manufacturing

We try hard to keep this information as accurate and as up-to-date as possible. But if you know of a company or group we’ve missed from this page, or think your company should be displayed here, please contact us.

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