GRS 1001 Topics List:

Week 1 – Get a comprehensive understanding of BioPharma/MedTech Industry and figure out jobs you can do

  • Learn about your local BioPharma/MedTech manufacturing industry in detail.
  • Understanding pharma industry jargon.
  • How to find the roles that are right for you.

Week 2 – Practice skills assessments, write, rewrite and customize CVs and resumes

  • How to job hunt when you already have a job.
  • Assessing your own skill set and how to sell that to employers.
  • What employers expect from your application.
  • CV and cover letter writing skills that are highly tailored to a job advert with personalized feedback.

Week 3 – Speculative job applications and how to research jobs available

  • Develop a list of appropriate companies and people for speculative job applications.
  • Practice writing speculative applications.
  • How to make successful speculative applications.

Week 4 – Social Media, networking and interview preparation

  • Network effectively both on and offline.
  • How to use social media in your job hunt.
  • Interview preparation.
  • How to deal with psychometric testing.

Week 5 – End of Module Assignment. Complete a 9-step application process simulation for a BioPharma/MedTech job, using the relevant tools and techniques

  • Discuss your local BioPharma/MedTech manufacturing industry.
  • List the departments and job roles where your skills are best suited.
  • Understand your current skill set and how to discuss that with employers.
  • Network effectively both on and offline.
  • Write a CV and a cover letter that are highly tailored to a job advert.
  • Write a speculative application and have a list of local companies appropriate for such an application.
  • Prepare for an interview.