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Scotland’s Booming Pharmaceutical Industry

By: Claire Wilson. Last Updated: April 2022 Photo: Global Manufacturing Scotland's Pharma Industry at a Glance Over 5,600 people directly employed by Pharmaceutical Companies in Scotland The industry exports over £575 million worth of manufactured goods Salaries per head are around £11,000 higher than the Scottish average [...]

Take a look inside Ireland’s Pharma plants

Due to the strict rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, you typically can’t just take a tour of the manufacturing plants. But whether you’re preparing for an interview or you’re just interested to see what the inside of a pharma manufacturing plant actually looks like, we’ve got the next best thing…

2018 Irish Pharma Year in Review

What Was New in 2018? Several new facilities opened across Ireland in 2018, including... Agilent On November 16th, Agilent officially opened its new purpose-built R&D extension within its Little Island, Cork site. This new facility will allow both cell analysis and biosensor development. The opening also marked the company's integration of the newly [...]