What is a Process Engineer?

Process Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, controlling and optimizing industrial processes, especially continuous ones within the chemical, petrochemical, agriculture, mineral processing, advanced material, food, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological industries. According to the BLS, the median annual wage for chemical/process engineers was $102,160 in May 2017 with projected job growth of 8% from 2016 to [...]

What is a Process Technician?

What is a Process Technician? Process Technicians work in a process or continuous manufacturing environment and operate equipment, monitor the machinery and document results in strict adherence to protocols. Process Manufacturing uses a chemical reaction or blends ingredients continuously or in a batch into a final product which is usually a liquid, powder [...]

What is a Project Engineer?

What is a Project Engineer? A Project Engineer manages technical or engineering projects. They work with stakeholders at all levels, with direct responsibility for budgeting, personnel and project planning. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the role of a Project Engineer. Project engineering is typically the management of engineering [...]

What is a Quality Assurance Specialist?

A Quality Assurance Specialist checks the implementation of the quality system, conducts quality assurance audits and monitors and records results from processes and procedures within manufacturing industries. They continually compared results to predetermined expected ranges and take corrective measures if any deviation is found. These quality checks ensure the ongoing reliability of the manufacturing [...]

What is a Quality Control Analyst?

A Quality Control Analyst tests the product of a manufacturing process to ensure that it meets with predefined criteria. The completion of this quality check ensures that the final product is safe to release for sale or distribution.Let’s take a closer look at the details of quality control and the role of a Quality Control [...]

What is a Packaging Operator?

A Packaging Operator is responsible for taking the finished product of a manufacturing process and ensuring that it is packaged in line with company and industry standards, making it ready for sale or distribution. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the role of a Packaging Operator. What is Packaging Operator? [...]

What is a Maintenance Technician?

What is a Maintenance Technician? Maintenance Technician within a pharmaceutical or medical device company will be tasked with routine maintenance of manufacturing equipment as well as helping to troubleshoot when issues arise. Due to the regulation of the industry, they are required to keep detailed and accurate documentation of their work. According to [...]

What is a Quality Engineer?

A Quality Engineer works within the quality team to ensure the overall quality of a manufactured product and is tasked with creating documentation, devising quality tests and defining the criteria a test result should meet. They play a key role in fixing issues when they arise. Some Companies might call this role: QA Engineer [...]

What is a Laboratory Technician?

What is a Laboratory Technician? A Laboratory Technician assists industry scientists with research, testing and conducting experiments. This can involve a number of different technical tasks which can vary greatly between roles. Their work is almost always laboratory-based and while they might be working alone on a specific task, they are generally working within [...]

What is an Automation Engineer?

What is an Automation Engineer? An Automation Engineer utilizes technology to improve, streamline and automate a manufacturing process. They are responsible for planning, implementation, and monitoring of such technology. Let’s take a closer look at the details of automation and the role of an Automation Engineer. What is Industrial Automation Exactly? At [...]