A new untapped pool of local talent living in every county in Ireland
Cut the time you spend on recruitment by 50%
Every candidate fully screened and trained before you see them

The booming BioPharma/MedTech Industry has hiring managers in your area dealing with:

  • A shortage of talent in their locality
  • Hiring the best talent from a stretched pool of resources 
  • Having to hire a lot of qualified people to start immediately 
  • Increased entry level salaries of new hires in an increasingly competitive market

If your company is relying on you to bring in skilled manufacturing operators, let GetReskilled Talent help.

With over 700 vacancies as the norm now on Ireland's largest dedicated BioPharma/MedTech jobs board and over 12,400 new jobs predicted by 2020 (according to the EGFSN & Ibec) - it's no surprise hiring managers are worried.

Our candidates have the industry-relevant attributes and competencies that your business NEEDS

In addition to academic qualification, we pre-screen our students to make sure they have the industry-relevant attributes and competencies needed to work in the BioPharma/MedTech industry. The academic programme then works on strengthening these skills:

Attention to detail  - There are often many steps involved in a process and an employee must be familiar with the details of each. They must be able to follow SOPs closely and must observe all features of the cleanroom environment thoroughly.

Good Communication Skills - written skills are important to ensure clear documentation and verbal and listening skills are important to ensure efficient transfer of information between staff members

Good Computer Skills - much of the documentation processes is done via computer systems

Self Awareness - the ability to recognise when they are unable to solve a problem and elevate it to the necessary supervisor for assistance.

Self Discipline - students have the proven drive and determination able to successfully complete an online learning programme.

Problem Solving - the ability to work through a problem to its solution using a variety of tools and resources at their disposal.

GetReskilled Talent will provide you with an untapped pool of reskilled local talent for your new manufacturing operator roles.

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Qualifications accredited by the Dublin Institute of Technology

DIT is one of the leading academic institutions in Ireland, recognised for its academic excellence particularly in the areas of pharmaceutical science, biotechnology and product development.

Academic accreditation by the largest university in Ireland

Taught by industry experts

A rigorous assessment of student understanding in each module 

Full compliance with the International Bologna Process

Our ReSkilled Talent comes to you with the DIT accredited e-BioPharmaChem Certificate 

Module 1 - Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologies
Everyone will have written a 3,000-word essay on “Why cGMPs are required for the manufacture of a life sciences product
A broad understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, the rules that govern manufacturing and the guidelines on how these rules are applied, along with the risk management tools to be used when making decisions that could impact the safety of the medicines being manufactured.

Module 2 - Commissioning and Qualification of Equipment and Systems
Everyone will have developed a 100+ page  IQ OQ PQ protocol for a Clean-in-Place system
Explains the engineering documentation used to specify and install new equipment systems in a manufacturing facility – and how to develop the test protocols (IQ, OQ, PQ) to ensure that it operates as intended.

Module 3 - Chemistry for API's
Everyone will have attended a Lab practical, completed lab reports and completed an online exam
Provides a foundation in the general chemistry necessary to appreciate the fundamental concepts involved in the chemistry of API required for the manufacture of medicinal products.

Regina McNamara
Product Builder 

Shane Henry
Process Operator 

Tony Morris

Friday Junior Osemwekhae
Validation Engineer

Mehmet Hascan
Validation Engineer

Colin Lane
CQV Engineer

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Developing local talent for BioPharma/MedTech

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Cut the Time You Spend on Recruitment by 50%

Your Time is Precious - We won't waste it with less than perfect candidates

You will only get the right CVs
You’ll be able to hire every candidate we send you - we guarantee that they’re fully screened and trained for your manufacturing operator roles.

We know all our candidates VERY well
We spend a minimum of 15 weeks working with every candidate before we present them. By the time you review CVs, we’re sure they’re all right for you

We have the people you need
We’ve been training people for the last 8 years and have 1,000 people in the workforce. We have 250 fully-trained candidates available now & we’re constantly adding to our talent pool.

250 Trained Candidates prescreened for industry critical attributes

An untapped pool of local talent living in every county in Ireland

Trained in Manufacturing Safe Medicines in a GMP Environment

All with academic credits for a BSc degree from DIT

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Once we have established what your specific recruitment requirements are, GetReskilled Talent will provide you with a Full Recruitment Service to identify local, qualified entry-level BioPharma/MedTech manufacturing operators

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250 BioPharma Manufacturing Operators Available Now
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I want to cut the time I spend on recruitment

250 BioPharma Manufacturing Operators Available Now
Stop fighting for the same talent as everyone else: