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Everyone's noticed the booming Irish BioPharma/MedTech market

12,400 new jobs expected by the end of 2020

Hiring Great BioPharma/MedTech Manufacturing Operators was Difficult Enough

Now the Market's Really Creaking, Let GetReskilled Talent Help

Hiring managers in your area are dealing with:

A shortage of talent in their locality
Hiring the best talent from a stretched pool of resources
Having to hire a lot of qualified people to start immediately
Retaining new hires for longer in the current labour market
Increased entry level salaries of new hires in an increasingly competitive market 

Maybe you need to find a group of operators for the production department?

Maybe you've attended job fairs, posted job adverts online and talked to recruiters? (Some companies have even started advertising on buses and on the radio!)

It's probably becoming more and more difficult to find qualified individuals for entry-level operator and technician roles that fit your budget and are ready to start immediately. 

Meanwhile, the pressure to find new employees is increasing because there are huge strains on other departments until these roles are filled.

If only you could find an untapped pool of 

qualified local talent
for great value
ready to interview now.

Is your company relying on you to overcome this?

About GetReskilled Talent

The Expert Group on Future Skills Need Report (EGFSN, August 2016) and IBEC (May 2017) predicts: 

5000+  of these roles will be in Operations and Quality

2,500+ of the new roles looking for between 1 and 5 years experience

1,500+ of the roles are expected to be "entry-level"

Job vacancy numbers in Ireland have been increasing in recent years and employers are already reporting difficulty in filling vacancies. 

GetReskilled publishes Ireland's largest dedicated Pharma/MedTech jobs board. Here's how our job board vacancy numbers have looked since 2015.

But it's not just a problem for tomorrow

I Want to Hire Reskilled TalentI Want To Hire Trainees

Read the full article on this vacancy tracking here.

GetReskilled Talent is the recruitment arm of GetReskilled - a company developing new pools of talent for the BioPharma/MedTech manufacturing sector. 

Our programs are designed to teach the skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level operators working in FDA-regulated environments, manufacturing safe medicines and medical devices.

GetReskilled’s online education programs and traineeships are academically accredited through our partner, the Dublin Institute of Technology, (DIT). 

This partnership won Best Online Learning Experience 2018 at the Education Awards and was shortlisted for the Pharma Education & Training Award at the Pharma Awards 2017.

GetReskilled Talent will provide you with an untapped pool of reskilled local talent for your new manufacturing operator roles.

GetReskilled Talent
I Want to Hire Reskilled Talent 
I Want to Hire Trainees
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Developing local talent for BioPharma/MedTech

Hiring Great BioPharma/MedTech Manufacturing Operators was Difficult Enough

Now the Market's Really Creaking, Let GetReskilled Talent Help



GetReskilled Talent has developed an untapped pool of resources. Don't spend your time and resources fighting within an already overstretched talent-pool.

ReSkilled Talent:


We have 250 Trained Candidates

Sourced and Screened for Manufacturing Operator Roles

Trained in Manufacturing Safe Medicines in a GMP Environment

Living in every county in Ireland

Available Now

We can recruit as many trainees as you need (100 available right now)

Sourced and Screened for Manufacturing Roles

4-year part-time academically accredited online BSc Degree

No time off required for study

Develop your trainees to fit your company culture

Retain these new trainees for 4-years

You can start your hiring process immediately. We can work with you to quickly fill staffing vacancies with qualified candidates.