Previous Students

The online course was very well laid out and easy to follow. There’s always someone there to contact with any problems. This is my first time doing an online course. It takes a little getting used to but once you’re motivated this is a brilliant way to learn. The first week or two can be a bit difficult until you find a set routine but it does get easier. The GetReskilled team are absolutely amazing to deal with. They are always at the end of an email if you have any issues or need any help. The course itself is laid out really well and easy to follow. The course is released on a weekly basis but you can move as fast or slow as you need to. Anyone can make the change and set their life on a new path.
– Gillian Forth

“I felt that the conversion course from GetReskilled was perfect for my needs. I was undecided at the end of my studies as to what I wanted to do, but after reading a bit about the pharma industry I knew it was something I wanted to do. I also wanted to avoid the hassle of waiting until September to start with a qualification that would enable me to get into pharma, so I was very happy when I found out about this course. I was able to complete it in my own time and fit it around my obligations. The support from the team was great, they were extremely responsive to all my queries and got back to all my emails quickly. Now that I’ve completed the course, I feel confident in my ability to safely work in a pharma environment.”
– Matias Musante

I found the whole presentation of the course very well laid out, easy to understand, the videos were very clear and the topics were explained very well. The answer booklets were a great idea to ensure information is retained and understood. I have no doubt this course has helped me in my new career. Since I never studied an online course before, it has given me the confidence to pursue further courses online. The flexibility of the course was a huge benefit.
– Sandra Cottrell

Excellent content, notes & excellent video lectures.
– Aiden Mc Guinness

The study notes and videos are very well explained and easy to understand for every topic. Studying online gives me the time to do other things.  Great course for anyone looking for a new career in the Pharmaceutical sector. Also, it built my confidence and interest in studying. I will surely recommend this course to friends and families.
– Olayinka Stella Akodu-Obafemi

This programme gave me a much better appreciation of the pharmaceutical industry and its approach to quality and how complex the industry really is.
– Susan Dalton

Really enjoyed this course. The information was clearly presented and was very interesting.
– Eamonn Kearney

The programme was relevant to define my objectives to know more about the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and regulations, to improve my job seeking strategies. I am grateful for all the support.
– Andre Sances Ferreira

Well presented and very informative. Each section was well outlined and although there was a lot to learn, I never felt overwhelmed. This course is great as an introduction to pharmaceutical manufacturing. There is a lot of information, spaced out in manageable sections and I feel now that I will have an advantage over other applicants when applying for a job. This course will help me move into a career that I am excited about. The course gave me a good insight into what the industry is like and hasn’t deterred me at all.
– Michael Quinn

This was a great entry-level course to further my understanding of the industry especially coming from a different employment background. The course is well laid out and offered me the flexibility to study at my own pace. The coordinator Geraldine Creaner was also available at unsociable hours releasing more sessions when requested (01.30 AM) which is unheard of. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and a solid building block for my CV.
– Aiden Horgan

This programme was challenging because I had to study after work and, sometimes, I had to look up technical terms but otherwise was extremely interesting and beneficial for my present role.
– Alida Monika Laczko

I found the course very informative and rewarding. Each topic blends well into the next and the notes that accompany the videos in each topic marry well together. I also found it tough having no prior Pharma knowledge but if you stick at it you will get there. I hope it means a change in career into something I am truly interested in, but completing the course was more important as I found the material overwhelming at times and to be honest beyond me, but I believe now putting the course into practice will be the true test.
– Garret Bissett

I think this is a great course and the tutors are amazing. This course has helped me regain the experience to go back to the manufacturing industry. I will definitely consider progressing in the near future. I am very glad I’ve done this course and I am very grateful. I thought that Geraldine was very helpful. I struggled through the workshops and Geraldine offered great help. I just think the course was great overall and very beneficial. I managed to get a job in the pharma manufacturing industry and I think the course helped me get this job.
– Sorcha Browne

I did this Course, during the pandemic to get an extra qualification. Other than pharmaceutical/medical devices knowledge, I learned how to properly look for a job, how to put together a proper CV and how to prepare for an interview. The course is very well structured and easy to follow. I had a lot of support and help, especially from Geraldine. Other than pharmaceutical knowledge, I achieved organizational skills and I became more precise in what I do. Thank you! GetReskilled!
– Paul Boutiuc

I am absolutely delighted I decided to do this course. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and it will be of huge benefit to me in my future career in the pharmaceutical sector.
– Cillian Clifford

A high-class course with excellent presentation and practical information. It’s a flexible way of studying with professional support.
– Renatas Dainys

I learned a lot of things and now I have a broader understanding of the pharma/medtech industry. I really liked the course and definitely recommend it. Also, I will definitely do other courses offered by GetReskilled in the future.
– Junior Bernardes

Switching from a completely different field, this course gave me relevant information on the pharma industry. It touches base on almost all aspects of the industry. I genuinely benefitted from its contents.
– Justin Abraham

The programme was to the point and gave good insight without too much detail at this stage. It covered a wide range of subjects, including a lot of technical ones. The content was wider than I expected, which was good. It gave me confidence that the knowledge I gathered during my career in the food and beverage manufacturing sector is usable in the Pharma and therefore the transition is manageable.
– Pieter Janssen

I found the course easier than I thought, even though my first language is not English. It’s a really interesting course. I learned a lot and I believe I will quickly find a proper job. Very excited and proud of myself!  Thank you GetReskilled team 😊
– Lorena Arribas Delgado

I liked having the support of a mentor. The programme was interesting and included variety in its delivery (written notes, videos). I also liked being able to see my progress on the lesson management system. This programme has given me a realistic chance of securing employment in the pharmaceutical industry with my previous mechanical and marine engineering background. It has given me the confidence and reassurance to cross into another industry.
– Geraldine Quiruga

I really enjoyed doing this course because it gave me more knowledge about a different industry that I did not have any insight on. The course pushed me to leave my comfort zone however I am glad I had to make an effort to complete something. It was great. It increased my confidence and motivated me to keep moving forward.
– Timea Kovacova

I found it to be a really enjoyable, independent learning experience. The layout of the course material was really accessible and the staff were of great assistance whenever they were needed.
– Jack Kelly

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