Pathway to a Degree

Pathway to a Degree

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The first few years after leaving secondary school can seem full of “big” decisions. The biggest of which is usually what to do next.

Lots of people head straight to uni, even if they’re not sure it’s the right thing for them. If you’ve not got any “better” ideas, there can be a lot of pressure to just continue in education – even when you want a change.

And 3 or 4 years at uni can seem like a nice way of buying some time to make the decisions about what career you want to pursue.

But heading straight to uni isn’t the best thing for everyone. For some, getting out into the workplace, starting to get some career experience, and earning a salary would be a much better option.

So what if you could have the best of both worlds?

With our Pharma Manufacturing Essentials course, you can be job-ready in less than 3 months. You’ll have all the technical information you need to impress employers in the pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing industries and you’ll have all the job-hunting skills to make sure you can reach them.

That lets you get your foot in the door in one of the UK and Ireland’s most prominent and well-paying industries. You’ll have taken the first step in a strong and stable career path. And, most importantly, you’ll have a great salary coming in from day one.

If you’re done with studying and education, you can just stop there. You can switch your full attention to your career and focus on moving “up the ranks” in your company, or taking advantage of advancement opportunities as they come up.

But if you’re interested in getting a degree or want to make career progress more quickly, the Pharma Manufacturing Essentials course will have unlocked that opportunity for you.

Here at GetReskilled, we work with TU Dublin to provide courses that build to a BSc degree. And as soon as you’re working in the industry, you’re eligible to apply.
All courses are delivered online, on a part-time basis. So you can continue to work full time and develop your career as you learn.

There would be 3 more steps, taking a total of 3-4 years.

During each step, you gather one more piece of the puzzle below and once you have all the steps, you’ve got a university certified BSc degree.

Graphic of a jigsaw puzzle showing how GetReskilled courses work together to build a degree

Step 1: Certificate in eBioPharmaChem

eBioPharmaChem is a Level 7 CPD Certificate that is academically accredited by the Dublin Institute of Technology. It is an online course of 3 modules, taking 14 hours per week over 30 weeks in total.

Your Level 7 Certificate is worth 15 ECTS credits.

Step 2: Certificate in eValidation

eValidation is a Level 7 CPD Certificate that is academically accredited by the Dublin Institute of Technology. It is an online course of 3 modules, taking 14 hours per week over 30 weeks in total.

Your Level 7 Certificate is worth 15 ECTS credits.

As well as being the next step on your degree pathway, eValidation also gives you the knowledge you would need to become a validation professional. This is a highly sought-after and well-paid speciality within the Pharma industry.

And at this point, you’re halfway to degree

Step 3: eManufacturing – completing your BSc degree

Our eBioPharmaChem and eValidation courses are standalone programmes. You can study one or both and earn accredited certificates.

But when the ECTS credits of these two courses are considered in combination – you have earned half of the credits needed to gain our Bachelors of Science degree (BSc).

If you’ve taken both programmes, you can then go on to study our eManufacturing modules.

The eManufacturing modules are also delivered via an online part-time course that you can take while you work. Over 2 years, you’ll learn even more about the processes involved in manufacturing safe medicines and medical devices.

Upon completion of the eManufacturing modules (and assuming prior completion of eBioPharmaChem and eValidation), you will earn a BSc Manufacture of Medicinal Products, academically accredited by the Dublin Institute of Technology.

What this means for your career…

You can absolutely get your foot in the door with some basic technical knowledge and start accumulating experience in the workplace (which is also absolutely necessary for career advancement).

But if you ever want to aim for some of the most senior roles, at some point you’re probably going to want that qualification.

So we’re offering you the best of both worlds.

You can be job ready in less than 3 months, get your first industry job and get an excellent salary into your bank account every month.

But you’ve also unlocked a part-time online study option that you can access to gain a full BSc degree.

Realistically, if you work hard, you can be graduating with your BSc at the same time as your current classmates BUT you’ll also have collected 3 years of career experience (and salary!) along the way.

This is a great way to kickstart your career. When your current classmates are leaving uni with degrees but blank CVs, you’ll already be way ahead with your BSc, relevant industry experience, and a secure professional network.

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